Apple Bringing Full HD Playback Features to its ios Devices

The latest news from Apple is that Apple is now coming up with Full HD 1080p playback feature in its iOS devices which have iOS 5 feature enabled in them. According to the sources the playback with this feature is very smooth and it also looks great. Earlier the video with 1080p could not be synced with iTunes. But this new feature allows the users to do this.  Although it is possible that iPad and iPhone might not have this feature because they have very little RAM (256 MB) which will not support such a heavy feature. But users of iPad and iPhone need not be unhappy about this because they already have very high resolutions in their devices and this feature will not make much difference. So a 1080p HD display will not be evident in iPhones and iPads. Then one might think what the use of this feature is. The answer to this is that Apple TV currently does not support this feature. When the Full HD 1080p playback feature will be enabled in Apple TV then one can wirelessly connect it to iPad and play HD videos. This feature will be released for the public as soon as ios 5 will be there for the masses to use.

For all the iPad fans this news might be a signal of an upcoming iPad version with a display with higher resolutions. If such an iPad3 is brought to the markets then it will surely make a lot of people stunned with its display.