Balabolka : Best Text-to-Speech Software available for Windows users

Are you kind of a person who uses Internet a lot and also has dyslexia? Since there is so much text to read, you may be struggling hard finding the best text-to-speech software which will best suit your needs. Though there are ‘n’ number of applications available for converting text-to-speech, but the best text-speech software available for Windows users is Balabolka. Those who are visually challenged or those who prefer listening more than reading, this is the best tool for them.

A lot of interesting features may appeal to the Windows users. To begin with, the program has a simple interface with a speech pane at the top. The pane lets you stop, pause or continue reading whenever required in the amidst of some activity. The program uses various versions of Microsoft Speech API(SAPI) which makes it even more interesting to use. One can improve the quality of voice’s articulation by alterting rate and pitch. Installing other voice packages would act like add-ons and would enhance the performance of this program.

Its compatibility with Windows applications and for the simple fact that it supports various formats like docx, zip, rar, HTML and PDF makes it a flexible program. Since audio files take up a lot of space and take time to download, this software splits the audio files into multiple smaller units.

Download text-to-speech Balabolka and see what makes it the best text-to-speech software.