Best Live Wallpapers For Android

Live wallpapers provide you with a very interactive interface with your home screen. The actions and sound provide you with a 3D effect on your home screen. A number of live wallpapers are available for PCs and mobiles. The following guide will walk you through top 5 live wallpapers for Android phones.

#1 Angry Birds

Angry Birds is the all time favorite and the most popular game by Rovio and now it is also available for Android and even to PC. It provides you with an interactive wallpaper with angry birds making different sort of sounds on your every touch. Another popular feature of this live wallpaper is that it gives you a digital clock and date of the day.

Angry Birds

#2 Rays of Light

Another wallpaper that can provide your home screen with a more lively and colorful experience is Rays of Light. Lights move on sequentially with every touch and also with a different move to provide you with a more interactive interface for your home screen.Rays of Light

#3 Magic Mushroom

As far as the graphics are concerned, magic Mushroom wallpaper can outcast any other wallpaper with its amazing graphics. You can customize it in day and night mode and based on time it changes the wallpaper. In the night mode the wallpaper glows with vivacious colors and makes it even more pretty.Magic Mushroom

#4 Celtic garden

For those who like to keep their home screen subtle is this Celtic Garden wallpaper along with 3D effects. It shows a Celtic fountain in the center of an Irish forest. This go green theme is very soothing for your eyes. The paid version of the same comes with a variety of customizable options.Celtic Garden

#5 Panda chub

Panda chub wallpaper for android mobiles is surely a delight for you as well as your kids and fits all screen sizes. The paid version provides you with several options which provides you with different backgrounds and the where ever you move through the screen, the panda follows.

Panda Club