Convert your Google+ into Facebook

Those of you who were lucky to receive an invite for Google+ must be wondering how to customize it. Well, the answer to this is an add-on known as Stylish which you can use to customize your Google+ to look like even Facebook!
Google+ into Facebook

Currently, the add-on will work only on Firefox browser or Chrome browser. One does feel sorry for Opera and Internet Explorer for this. Just five minutes of your time spent on this cool add-on will transform your Google+ page to a Facebook page. Of course it won’t be exactly similar to your Facebook page but the similarities between the two will be eye catching.

It is just a two step procedure which is as follows:

Step #1 First you need to open the Google’s Extension Marketplace or Mozilla’s add-on site depending upon the browser you are using. The Firefox version will require you to restart your browser. Now you must browse for the Stylish extension on the website. You can find it here.

Step #2 The next step is to click open the extensions page and install it by clicking on its icon.

Now all you have to do is to open your Google+ page and look at the changes. What the extension does is that it removes the dark theme of the original page and replaces it with the serene blue theme of Facebook. It retains the Google+ identity though. After the failure of Google Wave and Ping, this is one more experiment by Google in the social networking market. The services offered by this product of Google have sticked to the headlines lately and also the interest in the service has been consistent. It is still a few months for the service to become public and hopefully Google will be able to convert the interests of people into a significant market share. Google + will also be available on the mobile phones with an iOS app and an Android app ready on the shelf.