Download Torrents on iPhone and iPad Without Jailbreaking them

Downloading bitTorrent on your iphone has several advantages for you. First of all it will cut down your cost by minimising your downloading charges as it is charged in application stores and other websites. If you have jail broken your iphone, then it is quite simpler for you to download a torrent client from Cydia. However if you do not want do jail break your iphone, then there are other ways of doing this and the best part is that it is free of cost. Application stores and websites charge money for every download. So much of your money is wasted in downloading applications and files.

Download Torrents on iPhone

Step #1 First of all you need to install Filer on your iphone. Filer is an iOS application which enables users to manage different files and download files from net. There are different versions of filer which you can download. There is a light version by which you can store less than 7 files. But if your need is to store more than 7 files, then you need to download full version for which you need to pay $3.99. You need to have an account on which is very essential. Making an account on this website is very simple and without any charges. You are required to give your correct e-mail address which you use frequently, since you will need later on.

Step #2 After step one, you are almost done. You need to locate that torrent which you want to download and need to copy that URL. Once you have copied the URL, then you are required to paste it in the field text of the and you need to click on “hit” button.  After that you need to click on the button initiate bit torrent transmission. Then your download will start and you will get a confirmation on your email, once it is done.