Exciting Facebook mobile app for non-smartphones

Despite the fact that the number of smartphone users is increasing with every passing day, still not everyone in this world is using a smartphone. While Facebook offers applications for smartphones like iPhone and Android phones, even you can access amazing Facebook mobile app in your feature phone.

Facebook has recently introduced a mobile application for feature phones, Snaptu. What’s unique and special about the application is, it is easy to navigate home screen, fast scrolling status updates and contact synchronization. Best still, the app works superb on 2500+ devices from Nokia, LG, Sony Ericsson and other manufacturers. No matter what mobile you’re using, it is certain that you’ll have access to Snaptu. Also, the app is now available at m.fb.snaptu.com/f

For the first 90 days after launch, users can use the app for free on 14 different mobile carriers around the world, presumably banking on the fact that you’ll be well addicted by the time the data counter starts rolling.