Facebook Confirms the Working of GeoHot For the Company


Facebook has confirmed the working of George Hot, popular with his name GeoHot in their company. GeoHot became popular when he became the first person to unlock original iPhone and later for other iPhone hacks and PS3 jailbreak. Now GeoHot is all set to use his superb coding to boost Facebook’s mobile empire.

It is reported that he began working for Facebook on May 9th but Facebook has not yet disclosed his actual work. It is assumed that Hotz would be dealing with Facebook’s mobile effort since he is associated with this field. However it is also a rumor that the company may be on some secret project.

This news broke when the organizer of the iOS hacking related MyGreatFest conference, Craig Fox said this in a live video conference which was further confirmed by @p0sixninja. None assured the cause of Hotz working for Facebook but it was confirmed that something big is on work.
This is for sure that GeoHot makes sense in working with Facebook as this company never had an edge  in mobile development. This is evident from company’s failing of bringing Android App at par with iOS version and similarly no efforts were seen for bringing apps for iPad which also brought in Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s cont that “iPad isn’t mobile”. Although Facebook may now introduce iPad version and if it’s true it has to be fast with it. Facebook needs to work on the development of mobile apps and also on security for which no one would be suitable but George Hot.

It was in year 2007 when George Hotz came in headlines when he unlocked the original iPhone. Since then became an important figure in iPhone developer and prominent member of jailbreak community. Earlier he was also into buzz when he successfully jailbreak PlayStation 3 and got into lawsuit with Sony. But this case was later dropped when he promised not to ever break company’s code.