Hide Applications with WinVisible in no time

Sometimes you may want to hide an open window while at work, the only thing that comes to your mind is minimizing the application window, but WinVisible is an amazing application that can help users to hide running applications using their assigned hotkeys. With a hotkey, boss-key apps can be configured to hide specific applications in abolsutely no time.

This program lists down all the running applications on start. Whatever application you wish to hide can be selected by placing a checkmark into their box. The standard hot-key to hide selected applications is Shift-Alt-H, while the key used to show them again is Shift-Alt-S.

As simple as that! Once done, the specific applications will no longer be displayed in the Windows Taskbar or the system tray. Another interesting feature offered by the program is, it lets you terminate the running applications with certain assigned hotkeys. Users should be cautious when using this feature as the unsaved data can be lost.

You can download this amazing program from here.