High-tech electronics and web service to track your stolen or lost gadget

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This innovative service will find your missing camera if you use this service by searching for photos clicked by it. Now coming to the big question, how does this thing work? It is simple enough. Many digital cameras or electronics gadget have a unique serial number apart from date time etc which is imprinted onto the photo in the form of hidden EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) metadata whenever a photo is taken from them. What Stolen Camera Web Application does is it just searches the internet for the photos uploaded which have the same serial number as your camera. Thus, the old owner can find the new owner of the camera and from this information, he can find his camera.

One drawback is that not all cameras have this unique serial number imprinting ability so you can’t find it if your camera doesn’t have this piece of technology in it. And this application / software are highly dependent on the bandwidth of your internet connection. Hence an internet connection with high bandwidth is required, if possible than equal to 256kbps, otherwise the disturbances will really frustrate  and disappoint the users.