How PSN Was Hacked And How It Affected Users

It was between April 17 and April 19 that Sony realized that there was an unauthorized intrusion in their play station network(PSN). It immediately stopped all its services and started an investigation. At a press conference Sony released charts showing how they think their gaming network was intruded. Many people thought that it originated from a PS3 but the chart reveals that it was done with a computer system.

PSN hacked

A point of concern was the vulnerability in Sony’s server which the hackers exploited to gain access to account information by establishing an intrusion route. Sony also presented a list of the number of accounts that were affected in every region. What the hackers obtained were personal details of the users like name, address, PSN password, etc. Also if a user used a credit card for downloading content via PSN then the credit card details were also vulnerable. Sony has started the process of rebuilding its services and has brought in third party assistance for upgrading its security systems.