How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

Deciding on how to choose the perfect engagement ring involves certain factors like lifestyle, traditions, personal taste and price.

Before buying the engagement ring you should have a rough estimate of your partner’s finger’s size. Platinum, white gold and yellow gold are 3 choices available in metal. A cheaper alternative, which is grabbing quite a lot of attention these days is palladium. Ring designs can be chosen from prong, tension, bezel, bar, channel, cluster to name a few. Styles could vary from the most popular round brilliant cut to the romantic heart shaped, marquise cut rings or even the elegant emerald, oval and princess shapes. Then choose your idealistic color, carat, cut and clarity.  Then decide the priority order of the c’s mentioned above. Then you could visit the jewelry stores or buy engagement ring online. You can go through the jeweler’s list of inventories. Select the ring that would look best on your fiancé.

It is pretty simple to buy engagement ring online. You can avoid tramping from store to store by going through the options available online. Select a search engine, enter your preferences and then go through the store’s catalogue. Select the link for the ring that you believe matches up to your preferences. Then go through the disclaimers and exchange or return policies carefully.  Each ring should come with an authentication certificate. The carats, color, cut and clarity shall be validated along with the ring’s precise measurements.

Having your choices decided early avoids any confusion while choosing the ring. Modern or traditional? Gaudy or simple? Platinum or gold? These questions can bother you while going through the catalogue if you are undecided about your preferences.