How to get Google+ Profile Nickname?

Google has recently launched its social networking website, Google+. This has been launched on a trial basis. Only a few who have been lucky have received the invites for joining Google+. Anyone who starts using a social network wants a username or profile name. Like many other apps this application was also missing on the new Google venture. When you wish to share your profile with someone then doing it with your ID can be very cumbersome. A short n easy to remember nick name is the solution to this problem. Finally a solution to this problem has been found. Though the solution is not official but it is a very useful one. Like many other third part apps this is also an application by a third party. There are a few simple steps to get your Google+ nickname and they are as follows:

  1. Go to the website

Google+ profile nickname

  1. In the space provided write your desired nickname/username and your Google+ profile ID. For example: in, the digits represent your Google+ profile ID.
  2. Then click on ADD button

The website will provide you a link like Using this you can easily share your profile with friends and family. Since, this is not a service by Google so you will not be provided with a official link from the website like You will definitely find it easy to remember this short URL than long numbers. This will surely making sharing of your profile very simple for you and for those with whom you share. However, Google engineers warn people against the use of this service as it is not a service by Google. They say that they are not sure if service provider is good and if they want then they can redirect the URL of ones profile to some objectionable website.