Great Screensaver to Give you iOS Style Screen Locking

ios-style lockscreen

Are you bored with those old screensavers with bubbles and 3D text? iPhoneLS is a new and awesome screensaver which enables you to use iOS style screen locking system. Once you have this screensaver running on your screen you will see a slider with “slide to unlock” written on it. You have to slide it towards the right and you will be back on your desktop. iPhoneLS has a few system specification requirements, it needs a .NET 3.5 version in your system or even higher. This .NET framework has to be built in your Windows 7 operating system. If you are using any other prior version of Windows then you need to download .NET 4.0 from the Microsoft website. Once you have your system ready with .NET framework, installing iPhoneLS will be an easy job. You just need to follow the following simple steps to install iPhoneLS on your system:

Step #1 You need to download iPhoneLS from the internet. Make sure that you download from a safe link.

Step #2 Then you have to extract the .RAR file. For doing the same you need a tool like 7Zip. You will have three files: one executable file, a screen saver file, a text file. Make sure you save them in a directory which will not be deleted in future. If the file is deleted your screensaver will stop working.

Step #3 Then you need to make a right click on the screensaver file and click on install. From this point ensure that the file is not moved or removed.

Step #4 Check your windows screensaver settings. In the dialogue box iPhoneLS should be selected. Just click on OK button on the window.

There are few flaws with this application. All the enthusiasts who like to customize their screensavers, it might not satisfy them because there is no option for customization. But it can be expected to be there in a future version. However iPhoneLS is a great concept and the shortcomings are not very serious ones. And this application will prove to be a lot of fun once it is installed.
ios-style lockscreen