iPad 2 might use Samsung’s Super PLS display technology

Rumors were flying around saying that iPad 2 may reach consumer market as soon as this quarter. Just recently, an industry source has confirmed that the Super PLS technology of Samsung will be utilized by the 2nd generation of iPad. iPhone 4 and iPad are already using the IPS technology which is doing wonders everywhere by providing outstanding viewing angles. The question is why PLS technology of Samsung is being considered better than IPS technology!

  • A super PLS display will cost you 15% less than the IPS display.
  • The Super PLS display guarantees to provide you 10% brighter image than the IPS technology.

No wonder, Samsung proprietary Super PLS display panels are believed to further enhance greater visual experience for both smartphones and tablet PCs which is amazingly great. If you really love that get-ahead technology, iPad 2 is definitely going to be the perfect bet.