iphone’s New Application Lets You Know Your Baby’s Name

iPhone’s new application has revolutionised the world of its applications by bringing an amazing brand new thing which will let you know your baby name before birth. It sounds ironical and fake but it is true that this application will tell your baby’s name after sensing your baby kick in mother’s womb. The iPhone is supposed to be placed on the mother’s womb and if the baby will kick or move at that time, then this application will tell your baby’s name.iPhone new app to know baby's name

It has always been a matter of confusion among parents to choose a good name for their child. But this application is a boon in this regard as it gives name appropriate for the child and it is up to the parents that they agree with the name or else, they want to choose a different name. This application is new in the application market but is widely used.  This application has been purchased online by a number of users and they find it quite interesting.

One of the benefits of this application is that, it gives you a number of nice names for your child. In this case if you don’t like the name suggested by the application, then you can choose a different name from the list.  This application is available online at iPhone app store and it cost just 99 cents. However, same type of applications has been launched by other developers which are available online. But the original application is truly amazing and others are just a copy of this application which cannot match the quality of the original application. The best part of this application is that it can be used by everyone for suggesting nice names of babies to their parents, since it allows you to go through a number of names for babies.