Journey of Kate Middleton from being a fellow university student to a Royal Highness

In her journey from a Berkshire village to the Buckingham Palace, Catherine Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge has remained an enigma for most. Her name is everywhere, be it the media, print, blogs, everywhere. Not only has she enamored the charming Prince Williams’ heart but also becharmed all the men’s heart.

In my sophomore year at the University of St Andrews in Scotland I came across Kate and Prince Williams who were my fellow student. Kate was a student in History of Art while William began with the same but switched to Geography later. During their first year at the college, they lived at St Salvator’s Hall, after which they shared a common accommodation. Their love for each other grew more in all these years and finally on 16 November 2010, it was officially announced that Prince William was to espouse his long-time girlfriend Catherine Middleton during the spring or in summer of 2011.

This Friday, on 29 April 2011, Kate Middleton and Price William were pronounced husband and wife at a scintillating ceremony at Westminster Abbey, London. The global audience witnessed the royal wedding and rejoiced at this historic wedding. The focus of the marriage remained the transformation of Middleton from a “commoner” to marrying into “royalty”. Though not titled as ‘Princess Catherine’ but Middleton has been bestowed with the titles ‘Royal Highness’, ‘Duchess of Cambridge’ and ‘Countess of Strathearn’. Everything about Kate was perfect from head to toe. She wore a Cartier Scroll Tiara lent by Queen Elizabeth.

Kate seems to have handled all the media attention quite successfully. She has shown the beauty and grace befitting that of a Queen. Kate spent her childhood days in Chapel Row at Bucklebury which is a village near Newbury in Berkshire. She is the eldest of the three siblings. Her father worked as a pilot while her mother was an airline stewardess prior to setting up a business in mail orders. Catherine has been featured in several best-dressed lists and also selected as the “Most Promising Newcomer” in The Daily Telegraph. With about 1.5 million results on Google by her name, she has definitely gained a great deal of popularity, but she will certainly remain enigmatic for all.