No to Camera Recording at Live Concerts says Apple

Soon you will not be able to capture live events or concerts using your iPhone. This new Apple patent has come as a treat for the copyright holders who are happy to with this technology that could bring a halt to piracy. According to the patent, the in-built camera of the device will be stopped by this technology from working. The iPhone camera will have sensors to detect certain infrared radiations from the event surrounding and will stop working as soon as any radiation of such spectrum is detected. Even the camera will not save any picture of any part of it, thereby, censoring the videos and pictures.

No Recording using your iPhone

Though this technology is very useful in keeping the pirates out of their wrong deeds, it would certainly add up to the expenditure of the organizers to build up a system that could generate the radiations of such sought that could be used by iPhones for detection. Also to generate appropriate signals in such a large place is a high hill to climb. From quiet a long time copyright holders are in search to a technology like this. At least it can stop piracy in movie theatres!

It is a great technology idea Apple is bringing up but time will tell us the success story of this patent. Also for effective measures, this technology should be common in all the phones as you don’t know which phone does a pirate carry inside the theatre?