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Apple is all set to announce its iPhone 5 which uses LED indicators


An unknown source Mr.T says that next iPhone is going to be a LED indicator next to camera which would apparently flash whenever any App causes notification alert built into iOS or whenever simply notifications pop up like most commonly receiving a text message.

Recently announced iOS has taken notifications to the next level which also suggests the coming of next iPhone equipped with such enhancements so as to bring iPhone at par with other devices. Like Blackberry’s phones, this feature if used in iPhones would certainly make it easier for users to make out if their phone demands their attention.

Great Screensaver to Give you iOS Style Screen Locking

ios-style lockscreen

Are you bored with those old screensavers with bubbles and 3D text? iPhoneLS is a new and awesome screensaver which enables you to use iOS style screen locking system. Once you have this screensaver running on your screen you will see a slider with “slide to unlock” written on it. You have to slide it towards the right and you will be back on your desktop. iPhoneLS has a few system specification requirements, it needs a .NET 3.5 version in your system or even higher. This .NET framework has to be built in your Windows 7 operating system. If you are using any other prior version of Windows then you need to download .NET 4.0 from the Microsoft website. Once you have your system ready with .NET framework, installing iPhoneLS will be an easy job. You just need to follow the following simple steps to install iPhoneLS on your system:

Step #1 You need to download iPhoneLS from the internet. Make sure that you download from a safe link.

Step #2 Then you have to extract the .RAR file. For doing the same you need a tool like 7Zip. You will have three files: one executable file, a screen saver file, a text file. Make sure you save them in a directory which will not be deleted in future. If the file is deleted your screensaver will stop working.

Step #3 Then you need to make a right click on the screensaver file and click on install. From this point ensure that the file is not moved or removed.

Step #4 Check your windows screensaver settings. In the dialogue box iPhoneLS should be selected. Just click on OK button on the window.

There are few flaws with this application. All the enthusiasts who like to customize their screensavers, it might not satisfy them because there is no option for customization. But it can be expected to be there in a future version. However iPhoneLS is a great concept and the shortcomings are not very serious ones. And this application will prove to be a lot of fun once it is installed.
ios-style lockscreen


Now you can Charge your iPhone while wearing this T-shirt

Orange, the telecommunications company has come up with a t-shirt with which one can use to charge their iPhone. They have named this new technology embedded t-shirt Orange Sound Charge. Currently only a working prototype has been made. It obviously doesn’t look too good but the technology is amazing. The principle behind this piece of clothing is that it converts sound energy into electrical energy and thus one can charge their iPhones. Orange aims to enable this t-shirt to charge a variety of mobile devices in the future.

Charge iphone using t-shirt

In a post where Orange announced the t-shirt, they also explained the working of this t-shirt and the technology behind it. It is an eco charging device and it reverses the principle of a piezoelectric film. An A4 sized panel of the film is embedded inside the t-shirt. This then acts like a huge microphone which absorbs the sound and pressure energy waves. By the compression of quartz crystals which are interlaced converts the sound waves into electrical energy. This energy is sent to an internally built reservoir battery. From this battery, via interchangeable leads the mobile devices are charged.

t-shirt for charging iphone

There are two basic conditions which need to be satisfied for the working of this t-shirt. Firstly, it has to be worn. The second condition is that it needs to be located at a place where the ambient sound level is sufficient. The required sound level is about 80 decibels. This is almost the sound level at a busy street. Below this level of sound the t-shirt will not be able to absorb the sound energy and convert it into electrical energy to charge the mobile devices. The t-shirt is to be tested at Glastonbury Festival this year, there will be a number of live performances their and so the sound levels will definitely be around or above 80 db.


Facebook Widget Joining the iOS 5 Party

Recently Apple had a new Jailbreak Widget named WeeTwitter for its new notification centre of iOS 5 that clubbed Twitter stream to the company’s notification system. The developers have great news for the Facebook lovers as they have coined the new Widget named WeeFacebook bringing Facebook to the central stage as well. What’s more exciting is that the widget is now available for free download.  Both the widgets are latest on the charts of the iOS 5’s notification centre, yet Apple is to corroborate whether these thingamajigs will be accessible to the developers in the App Store for the third party usage. Soon Apple will realize the worth of these widgets into their party and will possibly have them in, till then we can hope the dignities at the company could think over this and bring us more fun and excitement soon.

WeeFacebook WeeTwitter

Installation Procedure:

Step #1 For the installation you require jailbroken version of iOS 5 beta of Apple and need to install MobileTerminal app before you plug in your device into your PC. Now download the this.deb file and run iPhone Explore.

Step #2 Once you launch your MobileTerminal and type login followed by root in the administrator mode, you will be able to install your WeeFacebook or WeeTwitter widget just after the restart. For current iOS 5 users, there are a number of jailbreaks available like Redsn0w, Sn0wbreeze etc. If you want some more entertaining and useful apps for your iPhone or iPod touch or iPad, feel free to visit iPad Apps Gallery and iPhone Apps Gallery.

There is a lot more fun than you can ever imagine that Apple is hoping to bring up for its clients and we assure you to bring the latest news so that you can enjoy the newest of technology first!


See the inside beauty of your iPhone with the Translucent Conversion kit

With the advent of the fourth generation iPhone handset over the counters, the whole world got stunned by the amazing hardware and spectacular technology loaded into it. But what if you want to see the viscera of your iPhone 4? With the translucent conversion kit that Apple has recently offered to its iPhone customers, you can easily see the marvelous power and technology under the hood. This kit consists of front and rear panels along with some tools and accessories that aid in assembling and dissembling the kit on your iPhone. Now you can see the top Mac OS of your iPhone working and other chips lined up to form your iPhone 4. It is more thrilling than the sleek lines and glass work over this handset.

Translucent iPhone 4

The conversion kit can be easily installed over your iPhone though you will have to have a professional to set the front panel for you. There are some flaws related to other conversion kits especially regarding the picture quality and flash adjustment in the iPhone camera. But thankfully there is no such case when we deal with this new conversion kit by Apple. Also you need not have to spend extra money over the accessories and tools needed for the assembly of this kit as Apple is offering you those along with it. That is something for your pocket to rejoice!

You can easily shop for your translucent or frosty conversion kit which is available at the price of $79 and approx and get to see the innards of your iPhone and watch the technology working live and sound. Soon we will let you know and merits and demerits regarding this kit which will make up the success story of the same.

No to Camera Recording at Live Concerts says Apple

Soon you will not be able to capture live events or concerts using your iPhone. This new Apple patent has come as a treat for the copyright holders who are happy to with this technology that could bring a halt to piracy. According to the patent, the in-built camera of the device will be stopped by this technology from working. The iPhone camera will have sensors to detect certain infrared radiations from the event surrounding and will stop working as soon as any radiation of such spectrum is detected. Even the camera will not save any picture of any part of it, thereby, censoring the videos and pictures.

No Recording using your iPhone

Though this technology is very useful in keeping the pirates out of their wrong deeds, it would certainly add up to the expenditure of the organizers to build up a system that could generate the radiations of such sought that could be used by iPhones for detection. Also to generate appropriate signals in such a large place is a high hill to climb. From quiet a long time copyright holders are in search to a technology like this. At least it can stop piracy in movie theatres!

It is a great technology idea Apple is bringing up but time will tell us the success story of this patent. Also for effective measures, this technology should be common in all the phones as you don’t know which phone does a pirate carry inside the theatre?