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Developer of Angry Birds Has Producer of Iron Man 2 For its Films

Angry birds developer

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games developed and now the developers are coming up with the movies that will be based over the game. Every since the game made its entry in the apps list of iPod touch ad iPhone, it has been everybody’s favorite.  So wonder how exciting the movies will be! And can you guess who they have hired for this job? The Executive Producer of Iron Man 2, David Maisel, is brought in to work with the Finnish Company, the developers of Angry Birds. According to the blog, David Maisel has been a successful Chairman of the Marvel Studio and EVP who transformed the company into the great entertaining house and has produced a number of successful movies including the Iron Man.

Angry birds developer
For developing the Angry Birds Films, Rovio has also bought a Finnish firm who are known for their job on the animated movies in the country. And having Maisel, as one of its moves towards the making of the Angry Birds films, makes it more exciting. He will be the chief advisor to Rovio helping build up the entertainment strategies of the company and expanding its wings over new areas in the business of entertainment.

Though Angry Birds is a big hit for the gamers will it come up with the same success story, only time will tell. The box office is still waiting for this fun movie and so are we.


The new Facebook’s comment feature

Facebook comment tagging feature

In an age governed by technology, social networking websites like Facebook has become a part of our routine life. Previously, the Facebook’s tagging feature was limited to Facebook posts and status message. It is true that tagging is a wonderful way to bring your comment into notice of your friends. I, personally wanted Facebook to introduce a feature like comment tagging and now Facebook has added this feature to comments.
Facebook comment tagging feature

With this feature, you can tag any fan page, Facebook group or your friends in comments. This is truly amazing! Tagging can be done by simply typing @ symbol along with the starting letter and it will pop up some suggestions to choose from your interests. I am really looking forward to more of user-friendly features.

Earn that free I/O ticket : Last call for Google I/O

Once again, Google is all set for the contest spree and those who weren’t  lucky enough to register for Google I/O 2011, here is your golden chance to win a free ticket. When Google opened registration for I/O in February this year, it resulted in server crashes and in fact, the servers were slammed for a total of 59 minutes. If you did not manage to get your golden ticket, do not be upset as Google will be handing out 100 free tickets. The contest starts March 16, and 10 winners will be selected each day.

Here are the details:

“We will announce a new challenge on the contest site on select dates at either 9am or 4pm PDT, that will last for 24 hours each. There will be 10 days of challenges with 10 winners on each day, spanning the following developer products:

March 16 – Android
March 17 – Chrome
March 18 – App Engine
March 21 –  YouTube APIs
March 22 – Game Developers
March 23 – Google Maps / Geo
March 24 – Commerce
March 25 – Developer Tools / GWT
March 28 – Accessibility
March 29 – Google Apps / Enterprise

Each of the challenges will focus on one of our developer products and has two rounds. Plan to be in front of your computers for the first half-hour that the challenge starts to complete a series of questions for Round I, which will qualify you for the main coding challenge in Round II. You will have a little over 20hrs to complete Round II. ”

Google will be giving away phones to people who will solve one of the daily puzzles. The event will be held on May 10, 2011 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. There will be a total of 2 rounds in all the challenges, the first one being a rapid-fire question/answer round which will qualify developers to the second round, which will be a coding challenge.

The contest is open to residents of 50 United States and Columbia and the winners will be announced on April 4th. Do not miss it!

How to enable Facebook chat in Windows Live messenger and Hotmail

With the recent addition of Facebook chat option in Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail, there is good news for the Windows Live users as now they can have the same sets of contacts in one place without leaving the Hotmail. In order to access this feature, the users are required to connect their Facebook account to Windows Live and checked on the “Chat with my Facebook friends in Messenger” box.

How to enable Facebook chat in Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail:

Follow the step-by-step guide given below if you want to communicate with your Facebook friends via Windows Live Messenger or Hotmail:

Step #1 At the top of the Hotmail window, point to Messenger and click “Profile”

Step #2 Go to “Connect to” section in the left pane, click on “Connect” and then select “Facebook”. Alternatively, you can simply click on the Facebook icon inside the “Connect your services” box.

Step #3 Now, under the “Share on Windows Live” section, you’ll see this option “Chat with my Facebook friends in Messenger”. Tick the option and then click on “Connect”.

Step #4 In the last step, login to your Facebook account and click on “Allow”

That’s it, you have done it. When you will login, a new group of facebook will appear in your Messenger window and users can chat with their Facebook friends in their Hotmail inbox by clicking on their name and an instant messaging window will open up.

Update Twitter and Facebook status using your voice

vlingo app

Vlingo is a wonderful application that lets you perform amazing tasks right from your mobile using your voice. As networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have become a part of our daily routine, a lot of people are addicted to this habit of updating status while for some, this is a part of their profession. Basically, Vlingo is a free software that can convert your voice into text and within no time you can update your status on Facebook and Twitter. Isn’t that so cool?

vlingo app
At the first place, you need to download Vlingo which is free. You can download it at vLingo. The amazing part is, the software is available for most types of smart phones like Nokia, Blackerry, iPhone and Windows mobile phones. Simpy put, if you want to update your Facebook status or post a tweet, all you have to do is just hold down the key say “Facebook status is…”or “Twitter status is…”and it will prompt you to fill in the blank.

The key features of this software are:

  • Use “Google maps”
  • Create a note to “self”
  • Call a friend
  • Send a text or e-mail message instantly
  • Open third part apps and search the web

Also, Vlingo uses this amazing software called Hierarchical language model based speech recognition. What’sunique and special about it is it interprets your speech and converts it to text before updating your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Guitar lessons for beginners available online

I was always keen to learn to play guitar and while browsing, I came across some of the best known guitar lessons for beginners and I would like to share the same with you. My hectic work schedule never allowed me to get myself enrolled in a good institute and for that reason, I started looking for good guitar lessons for beginners available online. In this article, I am sharing some of the best guitar teachers in the industry.

GuitarJamz Guitar Lessons

The GuitarJamz guitar lessons has got everything that a  beginner needs. The whole package include 4 DVD sets in two different packages. Marty Schwartz, the designer of this package has designed the package in such a wonderful way that I was mesmerized after I started using it. The whole story revolves around the techniques on how each chord needs to be plucked individually, instead of playing them all together. Those who are looking to learn acoustic guitar, this package is the perfect bet for them.

Gibson’s Guitar Lessons

Another wonderful package I came across is Gibson’s learn and master guitar lessons. Truly, this is a professional course which include CD’s, DVD’s, theory and instructions. This is certainly the perfect course for serious guitar learners and I can bet on that. This package will quickly help you learn the guitar basics and brush up your skills.

When you are starting out learning guitar, I believe Acoustic is the best choice since it allows you to practice without all the electronics. Learn Acoustic Guitar is the best place to start your journey with. The most important point to keep in mind before you start is to stick to one genre as there are styles and methods that change depending on how you are playing. You can start branching out once you have attained a good foundation in one domain. What do you think about these guitar lessons for beginners?