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Netflix Integrating with Facebook

Facebook Netflix

Netflix, the online streaming service that, its integration with Facebook is on the horizon. The integration is most likely to be implemented in the next three months. Due to legalities that surround video sharing, however, the company has cautiously decided not to launch Stateside yet. The service will initially be launched only in Canada and Latin America. Online sharing and distribution of works is a very controversial issue. America is among those countries who have taken a very severe stance against companies or individuals who violate the laws of distribution of copyright works.

Facebook Netflix
America’s “Big Six” studios are represented by The Motion Picture Association of America. Big Six includes Disney, Sony, Paramount, Fox, Universal and Warner Bros. The organization has become very infamous for filing lawsuits against those found guilty for copyright infringement. The organization thus brings the issue to the notice of mainstream media attention. Netflix has definitely made a smart move to stay away for the time being.

Netflix has been very successful and is also acclaimed as the company which has taken DVD rentals to the internet. Netflix has become the leader in the market in its field with the convenience and cheaper prices and further aid has been provided by the increase in the speed of internet. Netflix says that a law is currently pending in Congress and this law will address the legal issues and allow the integration of Netflix with Facebook. In a statement to the investors, the company has noted that Video Privacy Protection Act discourages Netflix from integrating with Facebook. Under the Act it is vague as to when and how a user can allow his viewing data to be shared. Netflix is not the only company indulging in integration with the social network media. Microsoft’s new acquisition, Skype also recently added video chat to Facebook has enabled a multi-facet interaction service to the users of Facebook.

Facebook Launched three New Chat Products Today

three announcements by Facebook

The long awaited Facebook surprise got unveiled today. Not only 1, Facebook announced 3 new chat products today namely : ad hoc group chat, a new chat design and video calling powered by Skype. Facebook users are going to have a great time enjoying all these features like me 🙂

three announcements by Facebook
Ad Hoc Group Chat:
With ad hoc group chat, users can now create group chats instantly without first creating a group.

The new design looks pretty cool. There is a side panel that shows the people  you chat with the most and whether they are online or not!

Above all, from today Facebook users can enjoy video calling without leaving their Facebook windows. A set up for video calling needs to be downloaded and you are there to go! Though, it is currently one-to-one video calling but it is indeed amazing!

It would not be wrong to say that Facebook has changed the face of social networking and with the introduction of features like these, it’s going to give a tough fight to companies planning to get into the social networking world!


Stay Tuned for a New “Awesome Product” by Facebook Next Week

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook has announced on Wednesday from the Seattle office of the company that Facebook is all set to launch something awesome the next week. It is speculated that it might be something in response to the Google’s Google+. Google plus is a new social networking site launched on a limited test basis by Google. It very unclear as to what feature is going to be launched by Facebook. It is assumed that it might be something related to mobile devices. As mobile devices are the focuses of the Seattle office.

Mark Zuckerberg

In the recent times a number of rumors have been in the air about Facebook’s plans about new mobile devices specially iPad. According to the information by TechCrunch, Facebook team is busy working on a HTML-5 web application for iPads. The new unknown project of Facebook has been developed at the Seattle office which is manned by 40 personnel. This office is the only main engineering office of Facebook outside headquarters at California. Facebook director of engineering Andrew Bosworth said that the team is working on a number of projects. But he dint make any clear announcements and said people have to wait till the next week to know whets happening.


Facebook Confirms the Working of GeoHot For the Company


Facebook has confirmed the working of George Hot, popular with his name GeoHot in their company. GeoHot became popular when he became the first person to unlock original iPhone and later for other iPhone hacks and PS3 jailbreak. Now GeoHot is all set to use his superb coding to boost Facebook’s mobile empire.

It is reported that he began working for Facebook on May 9th but Facebook has not yet disclosed his actual work. It is assumed that Hotz would be dealing with Facebook’s mobile effort since he is associated with this field. However it is also a rumor that the company may be on some secret project.

This news broke when the organizer of the iOS hacking related MyGreatFest conference, Craig Fox said this in a live video conference which was further confirmed by @p0sixninja. None assured the cause of Hotz working for Facebook but it was confirmed that something big is on work.

GeoHot Surprised Everyone While He was Seen Working for Facebook


George Hotz who was spot name in MIA has now been found working for Facebook since last month only but it was announced on 17th June.  News from iDB says that the news was unacceptable and on enquiring about this very news, GeoHot’s very own Facebook profile was shown which further confirmed the working of George Hotz working for Facebook. Although the news of GeoHot began working for Facebook came in June, but he began working in May itself and his Facebook profile will assure this, says Gabe Rivera.

His role in Facebook is not revealed yet, but it is expected that he would be working on the matters of Facebook’s apps for iPhone or may be the upcoming Facebook for iPad app. It is also assumed that GeoHot may announce about his work through his Facebook profile very soon so his profile is checked frequently. The iPhone hacker P0sixninija further assures the news in live Q&A session. George Hotz is a popular hacker who became very famous when he unlocked iPhone for using it on wireless carriers apart from AT&T and another hacking of Sony’s Play station 3 console. Though it cannot be made sure at this moment of time but chances are that GeoHot’s jail breaking or unlocking career may come to an end. GeoHot owned PS3 for life jack in Jan which was sued by Sony later on. This case was settled by the court in April. George Hotz returned to iOS hacking scene with Limera1n bootrom exploit for iOS 4.1 which was used in jailbreaks released for iOS 5.


Automatic Tagging on Facebook

Another immature feature hindering the privacy of 700 million Facebook users has been introduced by the social networking site which will enable tagging photos through facial recognition. To disgust the privacy seeking people even more, this has been set as a default feature. The feature via the facial recognition technology groups similar faces together and automatically suggests their tag based on previous tagging. This may be useful for people who don’t care much for tags but can prove to be very humiliating and embarrassing in certain situations. In cases where snaps are uploaded just for fun and not for revealing the identity of individuals like those from a naked mud fight or a teen booze party, the automatic tag suggestions can really enrage the users.

Automatic Tagging on Facebook

But to the relief of all the Facebook users who do not wish to be a part of the automatic tagging, there is also an option to turn off the default facial recognition feature. To disable the feature one has to go to the “privacy settings” of account where a “customize settings” option is available. From there, go to “things others share”. Then selecting “suggest photos of me to friends” enables one to select from the added friends which ones to allow tag photos and which ones to restrict. Even though disabling the feature is not a tough task, it may be annoying to those who still don’t know much about it. The default setting might have helped in the promotion of this feature but Facebook must know that its users might take this as a major privacy blunder. With the already going on debate on issues of privacy and safety of personal data on Facebook, this step puts a question mark on the developers. The long term consequences of this feature are still under inspection.