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iPhone 4S vs. Galaxy Nexus vs. Droid RAZR


Google’s Galaxy Nexus, or Apple’s iPhone 4S or Droid RAZR – today’s smartphone users have quite a difficult task to find out which is the best for him in terms of their features and pricing. Although Google’s Galaxy Nexus is the latest addition in the smartphone section which is predominantly being dominated by iPhone and Droid, the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich mobile Operating System certainly provides a better option to the smartphone users.

The new and enhanced feature in Galaxy Nexus makes it certainly one of the best when compared to iPhone and Droid RAZR. The 4.65 inch curved display of Galaxy Nexus is much larger when compared to 3.5 inch display of iPhone 4S or 4.3 inch display of Droid RAZR. The display resolution of Galaxy Nexus is 1280X720 pixels which is much better than the other two.

When we compare the physical outlook of the phones, Galaxy Nexus is thin, however, when we compare all the three, we would find that Droid RAZR is much thinner in the category. Droid is also the lightest smartphone with a weight of 127 grams compared to those of Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S.

All the smartphones are made up of dual core processor; however, Galaxy Nexus and Droid RAZR have 1.2 GHZ of dual core with 1 GB of RAM compared to 1 GHZ and 512 MB of RAM in iPhone. Galaxy Nexus can record high speed video and has 5MP camera which is lesser than those available in the other two smartphones. Apple iPhone 4S has a storage space of 64 GB which is much higher than the other two versions. Droid RAZR offers 16GB Micro SD card slot as expandable storage unit, however, it is much lesser compared to the higher end version of iPhone 4S. The most unique feature which makes Galaxy Nexus different from others is the Near field communication support device which helps the users to make wireless payments to many retailers and also see the contacts, apps or Maps through NFC enabled devices.

iPad 2 Meets the White KIRF knock off

ipad white kirf knock off

China is becoming a huge market place for manufacturing and trade of counterfeit electronic products. Nowadays you can usually find the duplicate iDevices of Apple which are, no doubt, poor products. Once in a blue moon, a fine one springs up that instills the interest of many in the tech world. Latest on the charts is the copycat of second generation iPad, which is packed into pure white plastic body, which is certainly not the Apple’s taste. The plastic body does not make the catch but there is something more that the iDevice users really look for, that is, a microSD card slot. It is a cheap way to boost the memory of the product without paying much as in the case of iPad 2 where Apple charges around $100 for each memory upgradation. But that does not affect the sales of the real deal.

ipad white kirf knock off
Talking about the specifications, Shenzhen Huaqiangbei’s white shell KIRF runs on Android 2.2, contains 800MHz VIA 8650 processor and includes storage capacity of 4GB. Its touch screen measures 9.7 inch and overall dimension are 205x157x9.9 mm. along with microSD card slot, it has 1.3 megapixel rear camera and a 2800mAh battery for long backups. This hefty line of specs does not add up to the weight of the device making it lighter than the actual iPad 2. Also it comes with a price tag worth $93 which makes it worth checking- not for interest but at least out of curiosity.

Though it is a pretty good deal, we recommend the genuine counterpart instead of the knock off as you never know in the long run, when the heart will beat of the knock off stalls. Also with the real deal one get the reliable product and good support from the company which cannot be paralleled by the low price knock off.

Rotary Dial Mechanical Smartphone by Richard Clarkson

I just stumbled upon this amazing Rotary Mechanical Smartphone that has been designed by Richard Clarkson. What’s unique about the phone is the old school rotary dial with a unique combination of touch screen. This is something unusual and I found it really funky!

Technical Details of Rotary Mechanical Smartphone:

On the front of the Rotary Mechanical Smartphone, there is a digital touch screen while on the back, it is powered by interchangeable mechanical disks. At the first glance, it would appear like a device from late 80’s but it has got a lot to explore!

With time, the overlying layer of the paint will wear away leaving the electroplated copper beneath.

Apple is all set to announce its iPhone 5 which uses LED indicators


An unknown source Mr.T says that next iPhone is going to be a LED indicator next to camera which would apparently flash whenever any App causes notification alert built into iOS or whenever simply notifications pop up like most commonly receiving a text message.

Recently announced iOS has taken notifications to the next level which also suggests the coming of next iPhone equipped with such enhancements so as to bring iPhone at par with other devices. Like Blackberry’s phones, this feature if used in iPhones would certainly make it easier for users to make out if their phone demands their attention.

Nearly perfect phone – HTC Flyer Review

HTC Flyer phone

HTC SenseUI optimized the user interface and has thus taken advantage of the new screen without totally alienating users with a whole new design. The flyer is built on Android 2.2. Both left and right side of this UI are simultaneously and interdependently interactive. Flyer maintains the Android 2.2 “phone style” notification bar. Also a number of features have been added to it.

HTC Flyer phone
In portrait mode the notification bar switches to a tabbed interface thus hiding the quick settings behind the tab. This implementation is simple, familiar and quite better than Honeycomb implementation. Widgets on Honeycomb are cool. Most of the widgets on Flyer are full screen panels of productive information, for example the calendar. These give you an option to take a quick glance at a page and quickly get back to what you were doing thus fulfilling the actual purpose of a widget. When using the flyer in a landscape mode you can take a 3D view of objects on screen.

HTC Scribe pen interaction is integrated into the UX for specific users. Even though the flyer doesn’t include MS Paint like apps but it resigns solely to the capability of the Pen to simple note taking and communication features.


Amplified Answering Machine


The amplified answering machine innovated by Hammacher Schlemmer, the oldest mail order dealer in United States, has an unparalleled feature of amplifying play back messages up to 30 decibels, thus enabling easy hearing. One can adjust the amplification by 10 levels. It also offers the feature of playing back the messages at three different speed settings, relaxing the rate of speech at each level for enhanced hearing. It can also record up to 30 minutes of messages, each event recorded with its date and time (commonly known as time-stamping) in crystal clear and audible voice.
It comes with a call screen feature which enables listening to the voice of a caller who has left a message for you while your were away. Using this feature, you can call home and listen to the messages. 3-minute long memo recordings are also enabled. This machine can be mounted on your wall. With 8” D X 5” W X 2 ¼” H the machine has a large display to show the number of messages received. This answering machine, weighing 1 lb is priced at $ 59.99.