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Netflix Integrating with Facebook

Facebook Netflix

Netflix, the online streaming service that, its integration with Facebook is on the horizon. The integration is most likely to be implemented in the next three months. Due to legalities that surround video sharing, however, the company has cautiously decided not to launch Stateside yet. The service will initially be launched only in Canada and Latin America. Online sharing and distribution of works is a very controversial issue. America is among those countries who have taken a very severe stance against companies or individuals who violate the laws of distribution of copyright works.

Facebook Netflix
America’s “Big Six” studios are represented by The Motion Picture Association of America. Big Six includes Disney, Sony, Paramount, Fox, Universal and Warner Bros. The organization has become very infamous for filing lawsuits against those found guilty for copyright infringement. The organization thus brings the issue to the notice of mainstream media attention. Netflix has definitely made a smart move to stay away for the time being.

Netflix has been very successful and is also acclaimed as the company which has taken DVD rentals to the internet. Netflix has become the leader in the market in its field with the convenience and cheaper prices and further aid has been provided by the increase in the speed of internet. Netflix says that a law is currently pending in Congress and this law will address the legal issues and allow the integration of Netflix with Facebook. In a statement to the investors, the company has noted that Video Privacy Protection Act discourages Netflix from integrating with Facebook. Under the Act it is vague as to when and how a user can allow his viewing data to be shared. Netflix is not the only company indulging in integration with the social network media. Microsoft’s new acquisition, Skype also recently added video chat to Facebook has enabled a multi-facet interaction service to the users of Facebook.

Twitters Drives Much More Traffic Than We Assume

ga stats for bsott

Most of the web publishers use analytic packages like Google Analytic, Omniture or Core Metrics, to measure what is the source of the traffic. These packages gave good and reliable results in the pre social media world. But today they have become terribly wrong. The allocation of marketing budgets depends hugely on who is referring your traffic. Twitter is driving much more referrals than you think. It is estimated that it is almost 4 times of what we think. is a product by Jonathan Strauss. works by allowing publishers to be able to track every individual share behavior to a very granular level. Such a tracking is not enabled with any other campaign tracking tool.

twitter drives more -traffic shows traffic as “direct – / – twitter”. Any other tool will show this as direct only. So, one would assume that one is getting more direct traffic than one is really getting. The fact that Twitter is driving almost 4times more traffic than one thinks. And this fact is true in case for most publishers in terms of understating referrals. This becomes a problem because then publishers don’t invest in Twitter campaigns as much as they do in other campaigns. This is because they do not get the last minute attribution rights. This very often happens in other marketing campaign too. For instance, you see an advertisement in the newspaper or on the television, and then you rush to search about the same on Google. Marketers will assume that Google has driven the traffic. But the fact is that the traffic was driven by your television or newspaper.

ga stats for bsott
Twitter generates a number of social hooks to websites. But the Twitter data including links is pulled by many other websites. So, it is difficult to know that who is referring the traffic. One such example in social media world is LikedIn. Many Tweets these days are being sent to LinkedIn. Publishers assume that the referrals are being generated by LinkedIn. All this is similar to ‘snowball effect’. This is why Jonathan Strauss named the company “Snowball factort”. So it is very important that companies use sophisticated market tracking tools, so that they can know the real source from where referrals will be generated. The story is never as simple as the data reveals. This emphasizes on the need of sophisticated tools. The absence of such tools might cause underinvestment by publishers in some particular site.

Apple Bags the No. 1 charts in US with Just Two smartphones over the Counters

Apple is on Number1

It’s Apple everywhere around the Statue of Liberty! The producers of iPhones, Apple, is on one of the top charts of Smartphone in United States sharing around 26.8% of the total Smartphones owned by the people of the country which is not at all bad for a company like this with only two iPhones currently on sale, iPhone 4 and last year’s iPhone 3GS. Others to join Apple in this marathon are RIM and HTC with 24.7% and 11.8% of the total Smartphone users’ share in the country.

Apple is on Number1
This achievement by the company with only two handsets over the counters cannot be overlooked and that’s what makes the race turn hot. To head the competition, HTC is looking forward to have variety of handsets with more additional features, fun and power packed in them giving Apple a tough fight.

Apple is been talked about for bringing up more iPhones to the showrooms with more attractive hardware and amazing software assembled together, since Google’s Android is becoming more popular and elaborating its product line. Due to its massive usage with smartphones and tablets etc. as Google has made it open to use, everybody is looking for a new Android which is smart and easy in use and goes handy with their gadget.

iPhone 5/4S is on its way to hit the stores later this year which could probably help Apple continue with its No. 1 position on the OEM market. If it does its good and if it’s not, we have much to cover on. There is a lot more the company has to do to save its No. 1 position and we can’t wait to speculate the fueling up run in the mobile industry in US.

Twitter Profile Page with a @-reply box soon

twitter profile with @reply

Now twittering will be more fun. Twitter one of the popular social networks of the world appears to roll out a new change to the profile pages of its users which seem quite a pretty move made by the company to help more smooth chat between the tweeters. What Twitter is planning is to add a new @-reply box to the profile pages, currently only on a few for testing. With this new interface generator launched globally, one can send a tweet with a click on any profile he or she visits.

This “Facebook-like message wall” is currently under test on some bases and is soon to live across the world after the testing is complete. There is a lot more what we think this new Twitter feature could be and soon it will make the company rule the world. In the social network business, whatever is appealing to the masses is one that stays for long and that is what Twitter has been struggling for ever since its beginning. Initially Twitter began as a retreat for the bloggers and tech bores but later its popularity saw a new high when the whole team of celebrities including famous movie stars, pop singers and everybody whom you dream of being with, took of this social network. Even President Obama!

GeoHot Surprised Everyone While He was Seen Working for Facebook


George Hotz who was spot name in MIA has now been found working for Facebook since last month only but it was announced on 17th June.  News from iDB says that the news was unacceptable and on enquiring about this very news, GeoHot’s very own Facebook profile was shown which further confirmed the working of George Hotz working for Facebook. Although the news of GeoHot began working for Facebook came in June, but he began working in May itself and his Facebook profile will assure this, says Gabe Rivera.

His role in Facebook is not revealed yet, but it is expected that he would be working on the matters of Facebook’s apps for iPhone or may be the upcoming Facebook for iPad app. It is also assumed that GeoHot may announce about his work through his Facebook profile very soon so his profile is checked frequently. The iPhone hacker P0sixninija further assures the news in live Q&A session. George Hotz is a popular hacker who became very famous when he unlocked iPhone for using it on wireless carriers apart from AT&T and another hacking of Sony’s Play station 3 console. Though it cannot be made sure at this moment of time but chances are that GeoHot’s jail breaking or unlocking career may come to an end. GeoHot owned PS3 for life jack in Jan which was sued by Sony later on. This case was settled by the court in April. George Hotz returned to iOS hacking scene with Limera1n bootrom exploit for iOS 4.1 which was used in jailbreaks released for iOS 5.


Osama’s death- Some interesting facts

On Monday May 1st a decade long hunt for the world’s most wanted terrorist and the leader of the most dangerous terrorist organization Al-Qaeda, Osama-bin-Laden came to an end when he was shot dead in a fire-fight that lasted for forty minutes in Abbottabad near Pakistan’s capital Islamabad. The operation was conducted by two dozen troops from Navy Seal Team SIX, a top notch counter terrorism unit of the US Military.

It was believed for long that Osama bin Laden was hiding in caves but was tracked down in an expensive hideout custom built specially for bin-Laden. This stunning piece of news imparted a relief and at the same time, a euphoria across the globe while also instigating a fear of retaliation by the terrorists against the US and its allies. “Justice has been done” is what president Obama had to say later in the evening on Sunday. Going along with the fact that no country would accept the remains of Osama bin Laden, a quick burial of his body was conducted at sea which was in accordance with Islamic rituals and customs which involves little delay in the burial process.

The involvement of Pakistan’s Government is still unknown, but the death of the world’s most wanted man confirmed by the Pakistan’s Government, is a historic incident for war on terrorism.