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The $1.4M Buggati Veyron Tyres Cost More Than a Nisan Versa

World is now familiar with its first roadraging space shuttle that was revealed in Autoshangai 2011, so for you buffoons who have yet not  anticipated what’s the matter , so here we are, introducing you to the world’s most costliest car: “ buggatti veyron 16.4”. It is the most costliest car at US$ 1, 9 00 000. It is mid engine car whose super sport version is the fastest running car ever manufactured and runs with top speed of 431.07km/hr. Veyron is an enterprise:

Buggati Veyron


v  Designed and developed by Volkswagen.

v  Produced by Buggati  Automobiles SAS at their headquarters.

v   Developed by Joseph kaban of Volkswagen.

v  Declared as “car of the decade” by BBC  automobile show Top Gear.


It is produced by Buggati customization team that may cost you more than a private jet.  On the other hand we have at New York international autoshow , car whose cost is much cheaper than the cost of buggati’s  tyres, NISAN VERSA that will cost you about $10,900 only. As some are planning to get a Buggati in their yards then others may not to bugbear as you can equalize them by owning 100 Nisan Versa because they cost you the same.

Accompanying the thrill of drive Buggati gifts you a high maintenance bill and also the possibilities of turning you to a “buccaneer” or owe you a jiggery-pokery behavior because it is termed as an experiment that turns out to be successful without the considerations of affordability and  basic family aspirations for owning a car.  It can be declared as a theoretical concept that has experimentally proved the Volkswagen’s  ‘dominatio’ on automobile industry.

The sonorous , echoing and resonating sound of Buggati may fill your heart with the splendours of ride ,spittle your jaw and its 1000+ horse power engine may splatter your nerves but the costliest car of the world still fights with the least expensive car in terms of bucks, pleasure, maintenance, jingoism. Here it’s a battle between luxury and affordability that is termed as ‘battle of absolute zero’ as to put money and your savings in final count. So let the customers decide whether to choose the customized stitches of seats of the costliest car or to opt for customization of families happiness and affordability.


How to make a book from Facebook Profile- Wonders of EgoBook


In an age governed by the Internet, the importance of social networking websites like Facebook has increased manifold. I spend a good chunk of time on Facebook. The reason I personally like being on Facebook is it’s become a good way to document the going-ons of my life. I’d say it is my online public diary. If you were given a chance to compile all the interactions from your Facebook into a physical book and keep the memory forever, would you like to grab the opportunity? It’s time to make your dream come true! The good news is the Facebook app called EgoBook has made it possible. What’s unique and special about this app is, it compiles the status updates, wall messages, published pictures as well as friends’ comments from your Facebook profile.

Let’s find out how to make your own EgoBook :