Send Invites anywhere with Google+

If you are looking for a new social networking service, then Google has it right here. Google+ is the latest attempt by Google to bring new social network into real though it is only confined to sending invites. It is new smart way to send as many invites to the addresses you want. Presently the number of invites sent was beyond the expectations of the developer, as a result of which Google has to disable the new invites momentarily but we found the loophole for that! Thanks to the hidden feature in +Circle service.

Google+ icons

With the help of this feature, one can send invites to the selected list of email addresses provided the addresses are of Gmail account only. It goes as- just create a new circle “invite” and add addresses to it and then create a post and send. Make sure that you only assign the post to invite the email addresses mentioned in the invite not to public. If you wish to send new invites, better do it fast before Google gets to fix it.

Other than this escape, Google+ was discovered with a bug that enabled the private posts to be televised generally with the use of “reshare” feature, identical to one of Twitter’s function. Google came up with a solution of this bug and cleared that it won’t be a problem once the Google+ is out for wide use. Google+ is the latest try by the company in social networking services after the Buzz and Wave which were an ultimate failure.

Google+ is a combination of company’s marketing gambit and collective ideas for other social networks with the touch of Google in it. As the social networks are the cynosure for media presently, Google is surely trying out in right field with Google+.