Tag Fan Pages In Facebook

Facebook is the most famous social networking website for the online users. The user is just required to create a profile, add their friends, share their photos and can do many more. Facebook offers a host of services like online chatting, sending and receiving messages which makes Facebook the most sought after social networking website in the world. One of the important features available in Facebook is tagging the photos. You can upload photos and start tagging them with your friend’s name to give a name to the face. By tagging the photos, the user can easily give a name to the face in the photo.

However, starting May 11, 2011, Facebook has allowed the users to tag fan pages in their Facebook photos. This means, the users can now tag not only their friend’s photos but also the articles which are present in the picture. However, the tagging of the pages is only limited to “brands & products” and “people”. This means, now if you are holding a can of coca-cola in the photo, you can tag yourself as well as the coca-cola can to the Coca-cola brand page. Not only this, you can now tag your more precious pictures with the celebrities with the selected celebrity fan page. For example, if you have a picture with Kanye West, you may tag it with the Kayne West fan page which would directly link the photo to the Kayne West fan page.

One of the most important advantages of tagging fan pages is that it represents an important growth channel for the pages. If a brand or a celebrity is tagged, the pages are liked by many users visiting them and this represents a better social recommendation of the page. This also increases the page views and impressions, providing more opportunities for the fan pages to get more fans. Hence the brand pages can find more fans which would eventually increase their business growth and the users tagging the fan pages may find more page impressions.

Presently, tagging of pages is limited to only “brands and products” or “people”; however, Facebook is planning to expand it to other categories as well. Facebook also claims that there is not much security concern in tagging the photos, as the public photos would appear public and the photos accessible only by friends, will not feature in the Photos tab of the page. The new feature would surely help Facebook to earn money from the photo albums and it will also help the brands for the potential growth opportunity.