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iOS 5 to Allow Facetime over 3G Without Jailbreaking

FaceTime is a video conferencing software application and related protocol for backing the mobile devices running the latest generation iPhone and iPod touch operating system. It enables video calling at the tap of a switch making the feature user friendly and popular. This software was developed by Apple and released as a feature of iPhone 4 on September 8, 2010. Till now, FaceTime required a Wi-Fi connection in order to detect the second server on which calling was to be done or a 3G network with jailbreaking. This used to be a major drawback as getting on a Wi-Fi network every time for using the service was not very feasible. Wi-Fi was originally a necessity as for heavy video streaming the carriers faced congestion and bad reception in crowded US cities. Hence, for complete video chatting service it was the finest option. But with the advent of 3G, FaceTime could be used over 3G indirectly using a third party “jailbreaking” software. A jailbreaking software is one which fools the system into believing that it is connected to Wi-Fi such as FaceBreak, 3G Unrestrictor or My3G. It enables Apple’s iOS to unlock and access all its features. But now, with the iOS 5 beta, which will be available to customers by the end of July 2011, FaceTime will be available over 3G without jailbreaking the mobile system.

Facetime without Jailbreaking

Even though the customer friendly move is expected to be welcomed, the users must be cautioned against the move getting reversed by Apple at any stage as the iOS 5 is still in beta form. The iOS 5 which will be available for purchasing this fall and which is currently available for just the developers, has many additional features too. New notification systems, enhanced Safari browser, new camera applications are among a few interesting headliners.


Motorola is working on Motorola Xoom 16GB version

Those of you who have been eyeing the Motorola Xoom but do not want to spend $799 for the 32 version, there is good news for them. Motorla is working on a Motorola Xoom 16GB version and it seems the Wi-fi only tablet with 16GB of storage will fall in around the $400-$450 range.

As Motorola Xoom is the closest competitor to the iPad 2, once the 16GB version is released it will inevitably be even more popular. Best of all, the current Motorola Xoom will be upgradable to the Verizon 4G LTE network which is believed to be the fastest data network around.

Stay tuned for more updates on Motorola Xoom!