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The Android Entertainment

The latest state-of-the-art mobile phones feature a new and highly advanced operating system called “Android”. It allows open source development and easy creation of applications. Unlike the conventional mobile phones which had stringent development process for applications and higher application cost, this operating system provides them at a very low cost or even free. The strict guidelines to be followed while accessing mobile phones are removed enabling easy manipulation by everyone. The Andriod system is run by powerful tools that provide the user with unlimited applications.

Smart Rotator- Set Auto Rotate Setting on your Android Phones

Smart rotator gives you with a new experience on android phones by rotating the installed applications as per your choice. Isn’t that sounds amazing, that the application of your choice will be rotated timely on your phone according to your wish. The Landscape mode is known widely to the iphone and android users in which the application automatically adjusts the application when you turn your sideways.  However it was not liked by users to see some of the applications which were turned sideways by this. So this smart rotator provides you with a brand new experience which gives you more convenience.

Smart Rotator

How this application works:

  • You are required to disable the auto rotate from the OS settings of your phone. It can be done by going to the settings, then by disabling “auto rotate screen” in the display list.
  • As soon as the application gets launched, you will see a list of applications which are preinstalled in your phone by you. You just need to spend few more minutes to choose your favourite applications which you want for auto rotate and after this scrutiny, you need to press turn on switch near that application.
  • When you don’t want those applications to auto rotate, you can press the turn off button just like when you have pressed turn on button.


However this application may not be suitable for you as it has several minus points as well. It does not enable you to view a large number of applications. If you have a large number of applications then it can become a head ace for you. It is a time consuming process to choose from a large number of applications.  But in some sense it can be a helpful for you if you have to manage between a small numbers of applications.


Dual core Superphones in 2011

With technology getting upgraded every minute and with an influx of tablets and smart phones in the market providing you with applications which you might have not even dreamt off, one must wonder at times what can be the next in this tech-hub phone arena. Well the next big thing that is going to hit this year is the dual-core Superphone. These phones are going to offer you a lot more than your PCs in terms of multitasking. It is surely going to outdo the current leaders in the market like iPhone and other Windows phone 7 devices which do not multitask well.