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Onavo Brings app to Curb Phone Bills of Android Phone Users

If you are an internet addict and your phone bill is perturbing you, then you can now sit back and relax. Onavo has launched Android beta to help you curb your bills of your Android enabled phone. Earlier at The Next Web conference Onavo had launched the application to shrink the phone bills of iPhone users. It had promised then that it will soon extend the application to other phones also. Onavo kept its words and has extended the use of the app to many more platforms. True to its words it has launched beta for phones which support Android version 2.2 and above.

Onavo Android Beta

How does the app work?

The application for iPhone works by intercepting the users’ data connection and channels it through Onavo’s compression technology. Since, the data usage is reduced consequently your phone bill is also reduced. Onavo has revealed that the application for Android phones (Android beta) works in a different manner, but the details about the same are yet to be revealed. This new application is perfect for anyone who is using a metered data plan or is traveling abroad. Signing up for Android beta is very simple and you just need to fill in a form. Although currently Onavo has made available only 500 places, for the readers of The Next Web there are 300 additional places reserved by Onavo.

What the readers need to do is, while filling in the form, in the column “how you heard about us” put in the option “other” and key in the code TNW.


Your Android Phones Turned Webcam

After exploring the fable of your Android phone, it is amazing to know that your Android phone can even serve as a webcam! It is a simple process and requires an Android Mobile phone and IP webcam App. This Android App can be downloaded for free from the Android market. Now you can make a video call to your friend from anywhere you want. Some of the simple facts about the IP Webcam app are :-

Android Mobile as Webcam

  • Easy to download and install
  • IP webcam Icon in your home menu after the successful installation in your phone.
  • It works well with Wi-Fi.
  • It can be used to customize the video resolution and picture quality.
  • It works only at the Windows platform.

ip Webcam Android app
As you start the server, you get a unique IP address that is used to view the video in your PC or in your mobile browser. You can view your video directly in the browser (only the Java enabled browsers like chrome, Firefox etc.) or from Media players like VLC. For using your Android phone turned webcam for Skype you require a driver from the site of the developers. Your IP address will let you directly do the video chat on your PC simply and easily. But if you have the latest version of Skype installed over your PC then you need to have some alternative drivers like ManyCam as the driver will not function with it.

So next time if you forget to carry your webcam when you get out on a trip or in case you don’t have one your Android mobile Phone will surely aid you in making video calls or video chats with your friends in any part the world. So try it out as the App is for free and you already own an Android phone.


Nokia to be Acquired by Samsung

Microsoft which was rumored to be tabling a bid for the ailing mobile vendor Nokia is no more in the forefront, as the focus is now on Samsung Company. Samsung is now been regarded as the most potential buyer of the Nokia company. It has been reported that Samsung is now preparing to acquire the Nokia Company.

Nokia to be Acquired by Samsung

Both companies Nokia and Samsung when approached for the comments refused to comment on the topic saying that they prefer not commenting on rumors. Nokia did not categorically rule out an acquisition by Microsoft but moved to state that Murtazin was “getting obviously less accurate with every passing moment” recently there have been many speculative tweets of industry insider Eldar Murtazin but Reports of a Samsung takeover by the WSJ may hold more weight that these tweets, although the pundit has successfully predicted acquisitions and partnerships in the past.

In an attempt to streamline operations Nokia has recently laid off 7,000 of its staff. The company is now working on readying Windows Phone devices to release in the fourth quarter of 2011. If Samsung was to acquire the stricken manufacturer, in addition to the success of its Android offerings it would position the company as the top Windows Phone provider.


The Android Entertainment

The latest state-of-the-art mobile phones feature a new and highly advanced operating system called “Android”. It allows open source development and easy creation of applications. Unlike the conventional mobile phones which had stringent development process for applications and higher application cost, this operating system provides them at a very low cost or even free. The strict guidelines to be followed while accessing mobile phones are removed enabling easy manipulation by everyone. The Andriod system is run by powerful tools that provide the user with unlimited applications.

Smart Rotator- Set Auto Rotate Setting on your Android Phones

Smart rotator gives you with a new experience on android phones by rotating the installed applications as per your choice. Isn’t that sounds amazing, that the application of your choice will be rotated timely on your phone according to your wish. The Landscape mode is known widely to the iphone and android users in which the application automatically adjusts the application when you turn your sideways.  However it was not liked by users to see some of the applications which were turned sideways by this. So this smart rotator provides you with a brand new experience which gives you more convenience.

Smart Rotator

How this application works:

  • You are required to disable the auto rotate from the OS settings of your phone. It can be done by going to the settings, then by disabling “auto rotate screen” in the display list.
  • As soon as the application gets launched, you will see a list of applications which are preinstalled in your phone by you. You just need to spend few more minutes to choose your favourite applications which you want for auto rotate and after this scrutiny, you need to press turn on switch near that application.
  • When you don’t want those applications to auto rotate, you can press the turn off button just like when you have pressed turn on button.


However this application may not be suitable for you as it has several minus points as well. It does not enable you to view a large number of applications. If you have a large number of applications then it can become a head ace for you. It is a time consuming process to choose from a large number of applications.  But in some sense it can be a helpful for you if you have to manage between a small numbers of applications.


eBuddy XMS Now Available For iOS and Android

The famous web and mobile messengers, eBuddy has recently announced the worldwide launch of its free real time messaging app, eBuddy XMS in iOS and Android mobile phones. The users would now be able to connect to popular instant messengers like Gtalk, Yahoo, AIM, MSN, Facebook and MySpace, directly from their mobile phones using eBuddy. With the introduction of this app, it is going to give a direct competition to the services like Kik and WhatsApp which expands the capability of normal text messaging and provide fast, secure and reliable service.

eBuddy XMS

eBuddy’s XMS utilize user’s data or WiFi connection to send messages. It allows the messages to be sent all over the world free of cost. Just like the native apps, the iOS and Android clients also scans user’s phonebook and Facebook or Twitter profiles to retrieve the information of the friends using this service and then the user can email, sms, Twit or IM the friends whom they want to reach out. eBuddy XMS allows the users to personalize the applications, to view pictures and receive over 100 different emoticons and time stamp the friend’s interactions. In addition, the application also alerts the users of any unread messages.

With the boom in smartphone use and preference to use messaging apps over traditional messaging, the launch of eBuddy XMS is definitely going to be crucial. The application is fast and is of great importance for the people who like to keep in touch with their friends and co workers all the time. eBuddy XMS can be download from App Store or Android market. It can also be downloaded from eBuddy XMS website.