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Angry Birds Game will soon be available in your TV Sets

The popular Angry Birds’ game has made its way to your television sets which is brought to you by ROKU, the internet TV platform. Roku has announced about bringing casual games like this into the TV platform. However the first game brought in this platform is the popular Angry Birds game. This game has got a phenomenal recognition among the people and is a very popular game which is available almost in every platform available whether it is a mobile platform or on the internet.Angry Birds in your TV sets

Roku has also decided to sell the three versions of this game with different titles namely angry birds, angry birds season and angry birds Rio.  And that is not all which Roku is launching, but it is also launching angry bids video channel which will feature Angry Birds animated shorts, and sell Angry Birds merchandise as well. Roku is all set to expand its business in this sector of casual gaming. Roku’s CEO, in an interview said about the company’s expansion plans and other related plans of expansion in casual gaming. Company is in talks with various providers of casual gaming and will soon inform us about the details on control, availability and pricing.  It is really a big achievement for Roku to lauch this game on a new platform. It is supposed that the launching of this game on TV would be a great success for the company as users are keen to know about this game on a new platform and users are going to love this.


Angry Birds Rio available in the Android market now!

If you have played the previous versions of the Angry Birds Rio game, then you would be happy to know that the game is now available in Android market.

The catch with that is; you don’t have to play the $1 to play it! Also, they have added new episodes all the way throughout 2011. The paid version is exclusive to the Amazon appstore, but those who get the game via the Android market will be able to opt-out of the advertising.