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VirusBarrier- First ever Malware Scanner for iOS Devices


The world of Apple has been quite free of malware and safer, except a few threats that have often popped up. Incidences of malware have been low with both Mac and iOS. Intego, Mac OSX anti-malware maker has come up with a new scanner for malware in iOS devices. This new tool is called VirusBarrier. VirusBarrier will scan places like user’s dropbox folder, mail attachments and other locations which are directly exposed to the user. Thus, all the locations that are most likely to be affected by malware are scanned by this tool. This tool is an on-demand malware scanner. This means that it will not run automatically on the background, therefore, users have to run it manually when needed. The user has to hold the link to the file and select “Open in VirusBarrier”.

A question that comes to many minds is that what the need of such a tool is when malware does not affect iOS devices. The main motive of this tool is to prevent infected files from entering other vulnerable devices. The company explained the aim of the tool at a press release. The malware may pass on to any device at home or office, although it does not affect iOS devices. As malware can take any path to get into vulnerable devices so such a tool will prevent this from happening. The VirusBarrier can be purchased by downloading from the iOS App store. It is available for $2.99. This will grant you free updates of detection for a year. From then on every year you just have to purchase a license for an additional amount of $1.99 every year. Whether this tool is worth spending a few dollars is up to you. Though, common sense and little care are enough to keep away malware but another layer of protection is perfectly harmless.

Facebook Widget Joining the iOS 5 Party

Recently Apple had a new Jailbreak Widget named WeeTwitter for its new notification centre of iOS 5 that clubbed Twitter stream to the company’s notification system. The developers have great news for the Facebook lovers as they have coined the new Widget named WeeFacebook bringing Facebook to the central stage as well. What’s more exciting is that the widget is now available for free download.  Both the widgets are latest on the charts of the iOS 5’s notification centre, yet Apple is to corroborate whether these thingamajigs will be accessible to the developers in the App Store for the third party usage. Soon Apple will realize the worth of these widgets into their party and will possibly have them in, till then we can hope the dignities at the company could think over this and bring us more fun and excitement soon.

WeeFacebook WeeTwitter

Installation Procedure:

Step #1 For the installation you require jailbroken version of iOS 5 beta of Apple and need to install MobileTerminal app before you plug in your device into your PC. Now download the this.deb file and run iPhone Explore.

Step #2 Once you launch your MobileTerminal and type login followed by root in the administrator mode, you will be able to install your WeeFacebook or WeeTwitter widget just after the restart. For current iOS 5 users, there are a number of jailbreaks available like Redsn0w, Sn0wbreeze etc. If you want some more entertaining and useful apps for your iPhone or iPod touch or iPad, feel free to visit iPad Apps Gallery and iPhone Apps Gallery.

There is a lot more fun than you can ever imagine that Apple is hoping to bring up for its clients and we assure you to bring the latest news so that you can enjoy the newest of technology first!


Its Raining Apps at Apple’s App Store

Apple’s App Store is now believed to have more than four hundred thousand applications available for users having devices with iOS. AppShopper, a reputed iOS and Mac OS X app directory states that the App Store has 401,437 applications approved by Apple.

According to accessibility to apps, AppShopper and 148Apps display apps in a more efficient way and are better performing in discovery, whereas iTunes App Store and Mac App Store have searching as their stronger asset. The former websites also allow the users the convenience to see the recent changes in the prices making it easier for them to make good judgements. These websites also boast of accurate of correct and accurate statistics.Apps at Apple store

The story of Apple’s App store is quite an interesting one as it is said that it was not originally meant to exist. Since the previous iPhone development model and its web-based applications did not gain much popularity, the company came up with the App Store model. Before this model existed the era of unofficial App Stores that were used on devices which had been jailbroken. This was the only means of getting full-fledged iPhone apps back then, until a year later Apple launched its very own AppStore. A Mac OS X compatible App Store was released with an update earlier this year, even though the favourite remains the iOS counterpart remains the more popular.

The growth chart of Apple shows considerable and commendable achievements. The store was launched three years ago in June 2008 with 500 apps, it displayed a good 1400% growth within 4 months in the number of apps available, and then a further 1200% growth a year later, having more than 100,000 apps. The number of downloads also increased from 1 billion to 10 billion by January 2011, in just a span of 1.5 years.

Today, all OS developing companies, basically competitors of Apple, have their own version of an App Store. The most popular competitor is the Android App Market, with more than 200,000 apps, half of what Apple has to offer, but then, the numbers just don’t stop rising.


You’ve Got ‘FakeMail’ : A Fake Email Sending App for iPhone

Another addition to the world of smartphone applications is FakeMail, an app powered by Cydia which lets you send emails from a fake email ID using an iPhone, an iPod Touch or an iPad.

Yes, sending emails from an email ID that does not exist has now become possible with this app. The receiver gets the email in the standard format, claiming that the mail is sent from the email ID that you enter. This app makes it as easy as it can get to send anonymous emails. Just enter the fake email address as the sender and the name and the address of the receiver, followed by entering the main body of the email message and clicking “Send”, and voila, you just sent an email from an address that doesn’t even exist.

Fake Mail App

There is no way in which the receiver can make out the email to be a fake mail as it is displayed in the standard email structure which provides for the display of the sender’s (fake) information and recipient’s details. This application will come handy for mainly three purposes, namely, sending confidential emails from a secret ID; keeping the sender’s name and details anonymous or for playing a friendly prank.

The only drawback of using this application is that there is no room for further follow up to the conversation as the email sent from the fake ID cannot be replied to. Since the email ID is non-existent, there is no inbox to receive the reply. The nature of this application, hence, makes it mainly usable for the purpose of playing healthy pranks on a friend or relative for a good laugh.

Using this application can lead to drastic consequences if not used responsible. The ability to pose as someone else can also lead to the user sending a controversial email using some other’s identity, causing actual harm to that person, which is a criminal offence. Therefore, it is strictly required that users exercise sheer responsibility and integrity while using this app.

FakeMail is available on Cydia’s BiggBoss repository. To be able to use this application on your Apple device, you will first have to jailbreak your device in order to allow the application to function (since it is not an approved by Apple). It is highly recommended that the unlocking of the device is performed by someone who possesses the basic skills.


iphone’s New Application Lets You Know Your Baby’s Name

iPhone’s new application has revolutionised the world of its applications by bringing an amazing brand new thing which will let you know your baby name before birth. It sounds ironical and fake but it is true that this application will tell your baby’s name after sensing your baby kick in mother’s womb. The iPhone is supposed to be placed on the mother’s womb and if the baby will kick or move at that time, then this application will tell your baby’s name.iPhone new app to know baby's name

It has always been a matter of confusion among parents to choose a good name for their child. But this application is a boon in this regard as it gives name appropriate for the child and it is up to the parents that they agree with the name or else, they want to choose a different name. This application is new in the application market but is widely used.  This application has been purchased online by a number of users and they find it quite interesting.

One of the benefits of this application is that, it gives you a number of nice names for your child. In this case if you don’t like the name suggested by the application, then you can choose a different name from the list.  This application is available online at iPhone app store and it cost just 99 cents. However, same type of applications has been launched by other developers which are available online. But the original application is truly amazing and others are just a copy of this application which cannot match the quality of the original application. The best part of this application is that it can be used by everyone for suggesting nice names of babies to their parents, since it allows you to go through a number of names for babies.


eBuddy XMS Now Available For iOS and Android

The famous web and mobile messengers, eBuddy has recently announced the worldwide launch of its free real time messaging app, eBuddy XMS in iOS and Android mobile phones. The users would now be able to connect to popular instant messengers like Gtalk, Yahoo, AIM, MSN, Facebook and MySpace, directly from their mobile phones using eBuddy. With the introduction of this app, it is going to give a direct competition to the services like Kik and WhatsApp which expands the capability of normal text messaging and provide fast, secure and reliable service.

eBuddy XMS

eBuddy’s XMS utilize user’s data or WiFi connection to send messages. It allows the messages to be sent all over the world free of cost. Just like the native apps, the iOS and Android clients also scans user’s phonebook and Facebook or Twitter profiles to retrieve the information of the friends using this service and then the user can email, sms, Twit or IM the friends whom they want to reach out. eBuddy XMS allows the users to personalize the applications, to view pictures and receive over 100 different emoticons and time stamp the friend’s interactions. In addition, the application also alerts the users of any unread messages.

With the boom in smartphone use and preference to use messaging apps over traditional messaging, the launch of eBuddy XMS is definitely going to be crucial. The application is fast and is of great importance for the people who like to keep in touch with their friends and co workers all the time. eBuddy XMS can be download from App Store or Android market. It can also be downloaded from eBuddy XMS website.