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Senior Swisscom Executive Says iPhone5 will be Launched in October

iphone5 LTE

The iPhoneitalia received a very confirmed news from a reliable source that iPhone5 will hit the market on October5. It is sure that it will at least be launched on Swisscom’s network. The reliable source is Swisscom’s senior executive. iPhoneitalia is a website that can boast about its reliability. It is one of those websites which does not publish any news without confirming it. So this news about the launch of iPhone5 definitely has some base, unlike the other prediction based news reports. The reports on iPhoneitalia said that they have learned from a very reliable source about the strategies of Swisscom with regards to the release of iPhone5.  The swiss service provider has previously sold iPhone3G. The report also says that the same reliable source has told them that IPhone5 will be launched in September, and by October 5 it will be launched in many other states. The senior executive from Swisscom is absolutely sure about this news because Apple must have already contacted the service provider about the launch and distribution of the new iPhone.

iphone5 LTE
It is also very obvious that Apple will inform various wireless carriers around the globe before they launch the new version of iPhone. Swisscom is among the leading wireless carrier in Switzerland. In the past they have provided wireless services to iPhone models. So definitely this news from a senior executive from Swisscom can be trusted and taken seriously. However, the report seems to be a bit confusing because it states that iPhone5 will be launched in September and then it says it will happen in October. It probably means that it will be launched in US in September and it will see a world wide release in October. This next generation iPhone will certainly have the very powerful A5 processor. Some other probable features are greater RAM, higher mega pixel camera and a better battery life.

Now you can Charge your iPhone while wearing this T-shirt

Orange, the telecommunications company has come up with a t-shirt with which one can use to charge their iPhone. They have named this new technology embedded t-shirt Orange Sound Charge. Currently only a working prototype has been made. It obviously doesn’t look too good but the technology is amazing. The principle behind this piece of clothing is that it converts sound energy into electrical energy and thus one can charge their iPhones. Orange aims to enable this t-shirt to charge a variety of mobile devices in the future.

Charge iphone using t-shirt

In a post where Orange announced the t-shirt, they also explained the working of this t-shirt and the technology behind it. It is an eco charging device and it reverses the principle of a piezoelectric film. An A4 sized panel of the film is embedded inside the t-shirt. This then acts like a huge microphone which absorbs the sound and pressure energy waves. By the compression of quartz crystals which are interlaced converts the sound waves into electrical energy. This energy is sent to an internally built reservoir battery. From this battery, via interchangeable leads the mobile devices are charged.

t-shirt for charging iphone

There are two basic conditions which need to be satisfied for the working of this t-shirt. Firstly, it has to be worn. The second condition is that it needs to be located at a place where the ambient sound level is sufficient. The required sound level is about 80 decibels. This is almost the sound level at a busy street. Below this level of sound the t-shirt will not be able to absorb the sound energy and convert it into electrical energy to charge the mobile devices. The t-shirt is to be tested at Glastonbury Festival this year, there will be a number of live performances their and so the sound levels will definitely be around or above 80 db.