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Netflix Integrating with Facebook

Facebook Netflix

Netflix, the online streaming service that, its integration with Facebook is on the horizon. The integration is most likely to be implemented in the next three months. Due to legalities that surround video sharing, however, the company has cautiously decided not to launch Stateside yet. The service will initially be launched only in Canada and Latin America. Online sharing and distribution of works is a very controversial issue. America is among those countries who have taken a very severe stance against companies or individuals who violate the laws of distribution of copyright works.

Facebook Netflix
America’s “Big Six” studios are represented by The Motion Picture Association of America. Big Six includes Disney, Sony, Paramount, Fox, Universal and Warner Bros. The organization has become very infamous for filing lawsuits against those found guilty for copyright infringement. The organization thus brings the issue to the notice of mainstream media attention. Netflix has definitely made a smart move to stay away for the time being.

Netflix has been very successful and is also acclaimed as the company which has taken DVD rentals to the internet. Netflix has become the leader in the market in its field with the convenience and cheaper prices and further aid has been provided by the increase in the speed of internet. Netflix says that a law is currently pending in Congress and this law will address the legal issues and allow the integration of Netflix with Facebook. In a statement to the investors, the company has noted that Video Privacy Protection Act discourages Netflix from integrating with Facebook. Under the Act it is vague as to when and how a user can allow his viewing data to be shared. Netflix is not the only company indulging in integration with the social network media. Microsoft’s new acquisition, Skype also recently added video chat to Facebook has enabled a multi-facet interaction service to the users of Facebook.

Convert your Google+ into Facebook

Those of you who were lucky to receive an invite for Google+ must be wondering how to customize it. Well, the answer to this is an add-on known as Stylish which you can use to customize your Google+ to look like even Facebook!
Google+ into Facebook

Currently, the add-on will work only on Firefox browser or Chrome browser. One does feel sorry for Opera and Internet Explorer for this. Just five minutes of your time spent on this cool add-on will transform your Google+ page to a Facebook page. Of course it won’t be exactly similar to your Facebook page but the similarities between the two will be eye catching.

It is just a two step procedure which is as follows:

Step #1 First you need to open the Google’s Extension Marketplace or Mozilla’s add-on site depending upon the browser you are using. The Firefox version will require you to restart your browser. Now you must browse for the Stylish extension on the website. You can find it here.

Step #2 The next step is to click open the extensions page and install it by clicking on its icon.

Now all you have to do is to open your Google+ page and look at the changes. What the extension does is that it removes the dark theme of the original page and replaces it with the serene blue theme of Facebook. It retains the Google+ identity though. After the failure of Google Wave and Ping, this is one more experiment by Google in the social networking market. The services offered by this product of Google have sticked to the headlines lately and also the interest in the service has been consistent. It is still a few months for the service to become public and hopefully Google will be able to convert the interests of people into a significant market share. Google + will also be available on the mobile phones with an iOS app and an Android app ready on the shelf.


Facebook Confirms the Working of GeoHot For the Company


Facebook has confirmed the working of George Hot, popular with his name GeoHot in their company. GeoHot became popular when he became the first person to unlock original iPhone and later for other iPhone hacks and PS3 jailbreak. Now GeoHot is all set to use his superb coding to boost Facebook’s mobile empire.

It is reported that he began working for Facebook on May 9th but Facebook has not yet disclosed his actual work. It is assumed that Hotz would be dealing with Facebook’s mobile effort since he is associated with this field. However it is also a rumor that the company may be on some secret project.

This news broke when the organizer of the iOS hacking related MyGreatFest conference, Craig Fox said this in a live video conference which was further confirmed by @p0sixninja. None assured the cause of Hotz working for Facebook but it was confirmed that something big is on work.

Facebook Widget Joining the iOS 5 Party

Recently Apple had a new Jailbreak Widget named WeeTwitter for its new notification centre of iOS 5 that clubbed Twitter stream to the company’s notification system. The developers have great news for the Facebook lovers as they have coined the new Widget named WeeFacebook bringing Facebook to the central stage as well. What’s more exciting is that the widget is now available for free download.  Both the widgets are latest on the charts of the iOS 5’s notification centre, yet Apple is to corroborate whether these thingamajigs will be accessible to the developers in the App Store for the third party usage. Soon Apple will realize the worth of these widgets into their party and will possibly have them in, till then we can hope the dignities at the company could think over this and bring us more fun and excitement soon.

WeeFacebook WeeTwitter

Installation Procedure:

Step #1 For the installation you require jailbroken version of iOS 5 beta of Apple and need to install MobileTerminal app before you plug in your device into your PC. Now download the this.deb file and run iPhone Explore.

Step #2 Once you launch your MobileTerminal and type login followed by root in the administrator mode, you will be able to install your WeeFacebook or WeeTwitter widget just after the restart. For current iOS 5 users, there are a number of jailbreaks available like Redsn0w, Sn0wbreeze etc. If you want some more entertaining and useful apps for your iPhone or iPod touch or iPad, feel free to visit iPad Apps Gallery and iPhone Apps Gallery.

There is a lot more fun than you can ever imagine that Apple is hoping to bring up for its clients and we assure you to bring the latest news so that you can enjoy the newest of technology first!


Automatic Tagging on Facebook

Another immature feature hindering the privacy of 700 million Facebook users has been introduced by the social networking site which will enable tagging photos through facial recognition. To disgust the privacy seeking people even more, this has been set as a default feature. The feature via the facial recognition technology groups similar faces together and automatically suggests their tag based on previous tagging. This may be useful for people who don’t care much for tags but can prove to be very humiliating and embarrassing in certain situations. In cases where snaps are uploaded just for fun and not for revealing the identity of individuals like those from a naked mud fight or a teen booze party, the automatic tag suggestions can really enrage the users.

Automatic Tagging on Facebook

But to the relief of all the Facebook users who do not wish to be a part of the automatic tagging, there is also an option to turn off the default facial recognition feature. To disable the feature one has to go to the “privacy settings” of account where a “customize settings” option is available. From there, go to “things others share”. Then selecting “suggest photos of me to friends” enables one to select from the added friends which ones to allow tag photos and which ones to restrict. Even though disabling the feature is not a tough task, it may be annoying to those who still don’t know much about it. The default setting might have helped in the promotion of this feature but Facebook must know that its users might take this as a major privacy blunder. With the already going on debate on issues of privacy and safety of personal data on Facebook, this step puts a question mark on the developers. The long term consequences of this feature are still under inspection.


The Sims Social Network

For those who are not well acquainted with “The Sims”, Facebook is going to provide a golden opportunity to its users for the same. The best-selling strategic life-simulation computer game is soon going to be a Facebook application for its 700 million users. The interactive game is already a huge success with the off-the-cuff gamers. It would soon be available for free over the social networking website. The game is about following and managing the lives of Sims, their life stages, their interaction with objects and doing routine daily work in the form of reaching personal goals.

Sims Social Network

The publishing company Electronics Arts has cashed heavily on the game till now. The game’s popularity can be gauged by the number of copies and franchisees sold till now. The game has already been ported to PlayStation 2 and a film is in preproduction stage. It has multiple add-ons and the maximum number of expansion packs available. With The Sims Social being the first of its kind, the Electronics Arts is expected to add more applications and games to the social platform based on the success of this one.  With no release date declared by Facebook till now, The Sims Social is already expected to offer tough competition to social networking games like Zynga’s Farmville, Cityville and the like. The game will provide a newer platform for networking among friends. It will add life and zeal to the monotonous gaming and chatting sessions and help Facebook rekindle its lost romance with its users.