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Nearly perfect phone – HTC Flyer Review

HTC Flyer phone

HTC SenseUI optimized the user interface and has thus taken advantage of the new screen without totally alienating users with a whole new design. The flyer is built on Android 2.2. Both left and right side of this UI are simultaneously and interdependently interactive. Flyer maintains the Android 2.2 “phone style” notification bar. Also a number of features have been added to it.

HTC Flyer phone
In portrait mode the notification bar switches to a tabbed interface thus hiding the quick settings behind the tab. This implementation is simple, familiar and quite better than Honeycomb implementation. Widgets on Honeycomb are cool. Most of the widgets on Flyer are full screen panels of productive information, for example the calendar. These give you an option to take a quick glance at a page and quickly get back to what you were doing thus fulfilling the actual purpose of a widget. When using the flyer in a landscape mode you can take a 3D view of objects on screen.

HTC Scribe pen interaction is integrated into the UX for specific users. Even though the flyer doesn’t include MS Paint like apps but it resigns solely to the capability of the Pen to simple note taking and communication features.