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Rdio App For iPad Awaits Approval

Rdio ipad app

Rdio, which is a music subscription service, is all set to release an app for iPad very soon. They have submitted their big screen friendly app to Apple for the very crucial approval from Apple. Rdio says that it will soon add an app for iPad to its platform including web, Mac, window clients. The news has leaked about the existence of the app but Rdio doesn’t know when the app will be officially available and users will be able download it. Like all other Rdio app this app is also full of the Rdio features like: social aspects, offline caching, charts, playlists, recommendations, radio stations, etc. Once the user subscribes for Rdio unlimited for $9.99 per month, they will get access to 9 million songs on the iPad.

Rdio ipad app
After exclusive hands-on on the new app the impressions formed about it are:

  • Except for one or two crash experienced in the initial log-in process, the app is stable
  • When you move from music navigation to screen to the playback screen, the Rdio app puts the art of the album front and centre. The album art is high resolution and is a beautiful experience while you are jamming.
  • The interface is very intuitive. No learning curves are required in using this app.
  • The interface has a gun metal look and the things are laid out in a very easy and accessible way.

There are a number of on demand contenders. Among them Rdio is one of the few who have developed an app for the iPad.

Apple Bringing Full HD Playback Features to its ios Devices

The latest news from Apple is that Apple is now coming up with Full HD 1080p playback feature in its iOS devices which have iOS 5 feature enabled in them. According to the sources the playback with this feature is very smooth and it also looks great. Earlier the video with 1080p could not be synced with iTunes. But this new feature allows the users to do this.  Although it is possible that iPad and iPhone might not have this feature because they have very little RAM (256 MB) which will not support such a heavy feature. But users of iPad and iPhone need not be unhappy about this because they already have very high resolutions in their devices and this feature will not make much difference. So a 1080p HD display will not be evident in iPhones and iPads. Then one might think what the use of this feature is. The answer to this is that Apple TV currently does not support this feature. When the Full HD 1080p playback feature will be enabled in Apple TV then one can wirelessly connect it to iPad and play HD videos. This feature will be released for the public as soon as ios 5 will be there for the masses to use.

For all the iPad fans this news might be a signal of an upcoming iPad version with a display with higher resolutions. If such an iPad3 is brought to the markets then it will surely make a lot of people stunned with its display.


You’ve Got ‘FakeMail’ : A Fake Email Sending App for iPhone

Another addition to the world of smartphone applications is FakeMail, an app powered by Cydia which lets you send emails from a fake email ID using an iPhone, an iPod Touch or an iPad.

Yes, sending emails from an email ID that does not exist has now become possible with this app. The receiver gets the email in the standard format, claiming that the mail is sent from the email ID that you enter. This app makes it as easy as it can get to send anonymous emails. Just enter the fake email address as the sender and the name and the address of the receiver, followed by entering the main body of the email message and clicking “Send”, and voila, you just sent an email from an address that doesn’t even exist.

Fake Mail App

There is no way in which the receiver can make out the email to be a fake mail as it is displayed in the standard email structure which provides for the display of the sender’s (fake) information and recipient’s details. This application will come handy for mainly three purposes, namely, sending confidential emails from a secret ID; keeping the sender’s name and details anonymous or for playing a friendly prank.

The only drawback of using this application is that there is no room for further follow up to the conversation as the email sent from the fake ID cannot be replied to. Since the email ID is non-existent, there is no inbox to receive the reply. The nature of this application, hence, makes it mainly usable for the purpose of playing healthy pranks on a friend or relative for a good laugh.

Using this application can lead to drastic consequences if not used responsible. The ability to pose as someone else can also lead to the user sending a controversial email using some other’s identity, causing actual harm to that person, which is a criminal offence. Therefore, it is strictly required that users exercise sheer responsibility and integrity while using this app.

FakeMail is available on Cydia’s BiggBoss repository. To be able to use this application on your Apple device, you will first have to jailbreak your device in order to allow the application to function (since it is not an approved by Apple). It is highly recommended that the unlocking of the device is performed by someone who possesses the basic skills.


Updated version of Google Books for iOS

Last year, Google introduced the concept of Google Books for iOS and opened the world of Google’s 2 million digital books, however it lacked finesse. Earlier this week, they unveiled the updated version. What’s special about the latest release is; there is a landscape mode feature for e-book reading on iPad. As you scroll through a book, they have added a find feature that shows specific keywords and phrase matches. Apart from that, users can now easily download e-books using their Gmail account. Simply put, the overall performance and speed has been improved. You can download the updated version from the Apple store for free.

AT&T cut’s down original iPad 3G price by $100

If you have been looking to buy an iPad in the coming days, then there is good news for you. AT&T has cut down the price of original iPad 3G by $100 and as we are aware of the fact that iPad 2 is almost a replicate copy of its predecessor you can save a great deal of money by making a purchase of iPad now.


The catch with that is, you can get original iPad 3G different models in following prices:

iPad 3G (16GB)- $429
iPad 3G (32GB)- 529
iPad 3G (64GB)- $629

As soon as the cost cut news came out, the 32GB version was out of stock in AT&T’s store, however the 16GB and 64GB models are still out there and you can grab them.

Also, AT&T is giving data connection plan of 2GB free data usage in first month of subscription.

The release of iPad 3 is round the corner

Good news for Apple fans as release of iPad 3 is round the corner and it is expected to arrive in September, 2011.

This is what John Gruber posted :

“The software looks great, it really does, but: Planned availability this summer.

Summer feels like a long time away. If my theory is right, they’re not only going to be months behind the iPad 2, but if they slip until late summer, they might bump up against the release of the iPad 3. And not only did they announce this with a distant ship date, they did it with no word on pricing.

(Maybe the “Palm” brand isn’t dead? The TouchPad page is hosted at palm.com. They’ve got pages for the Veer and Pre 3, too. None of these three products are shipping. And still no WebOS phone without a hardware keyboard.)”