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Senior Swisscom Executive Says iPhone5 will be Launched in October

iphone5 LTE

The iPhoneitalia received a very confirmed news from a reliable source that iPhone5 will hit the market on October5. It is sure that it will at least be launched on Swisscom’s network. The reliable source is Swisscom’s senior executive. iPhoneitalia is a website that can boast about its reliability. It is one of those websites which does not publish any news without confirming it. So this news about the launch of iPhone5 definitely has some base, unlike the other prediction based news reports. The reports on iPhoneitalia said that they have learned from a very reliable source about the strategies of Swisscom with regards to the release of iPhone5.  The swiss service provider has previously sold iPhone3G. The report also says that the same reliable source has told them that IPhone5 will be launched in September, and by October 5 it will be launched in many other states. The senior executive from Swisscom is absolutely sure about this news because Apple must have already contacted the service provider about the launch and distribution of the new iPhone.

iphone5 LTE
It is also very obvious that Apple will inform various wireless carriers around the globe before they launch the new version of iPhone. Swisscom is among the leading wireless carrier in Switzerland. In the past they have provided wireless services to iPhone models. So definitely this news from a senior executive from Swisscom can be trusted and taken seriously. However, the report seems to be a bit confusing because it states that iPhone5 will be launched in September and then it says it will happen in October. It probably means that it will be launched in US in September and it will see a world wide release in October. This next generation iPhone will certainly have the very powerful A5 processor. Some other probable features are greater RAM, higher mega pixel camera and a better battery life.

Apple Bags the No. 1 charts in US with Just Two smartphones over the Counters

Apple is on Number1

It’s Apple everywhere around the Statue of Liberty! The producers of iPhones, Apple, is on one of the top charts of Smartphone in United States sharing around 26.8% of the total Smartphones owned by the people of the country which is not at all bad for a company like this with only two iPhones currently on sale, iPhone 4 and last year’s iPhone 3GS. Others to join Apple in this marathon are RIM and HTC with 24.7% and 11.8% of the total Smartphone users’ share in the country.

Apple is on Number1
This achievement by the company with only two handsets over the counters cannot be overlooked and that’s what makes the race turn hot. To head the competition, HTC is looking forward to have variety of handsets with more additional features, fun and power packed in them giving Apple a tough fight.

Apple is been talked about for bringing up more iPhones to the showrooms with more attractive hardware and amazing software assembled together, since Google’s Android is becoming more popular and elaborating its product line. Due to its massive usage with smartphones and tablets etc. as Google has made it open to use, everybody is looking for a new Android which is smart and easy in use and goes handy with their gadget.

iPhone 5/4S is on its way to hit the stores later this year which could probably help Apple continue with its No. 1 position on the OEM market. If it does its good and if it’s not, we have much to cover on. There is a lot more the company has to do to save its No. 1 position and we can’t wait to speculate the fueling up run in the mobile industry in US.

Unlocked US iPhone 4 in Market

At a time when the whole world is waiting anxiously for the latest and greatest version of mobile phones by Apple, iPhone 5, the company has taken all by surprise by releasing an unlocked version of its iPhone 4 in the United States market. Though iPhones of unlocked version are not uncommon in most countries, the customers still require getting it via a contract with a mobile operator for getting subsidized prices for the product. Nevertheless, the news is that all iPhones sold by Apple will not require any contract with mobile operators and the iPhones sold by AT&T at subsidized rates will be SIM locked. Thus, the customers require a hefty price to pay for purchasing the unsubsidized unlocked iPhone.

Unlocked iPhone 4 available in US

The unlocked GSM iPhone is not connected with any mobile carrier and the model is not SIM-locked. Thus, it can be used by other mobile networks and SIM cards too. This adaptability feature is perfect for those who require frequent travelling and switching of mobile operators and SIM often. It also allows for switching and using multiple SIM cards with one iPhone. The GSM version of unlocked iPhone 4 can be activated by inserting an active micro-SIM card from any supported GSM mobile carriers. Post this, the setup process can be completed by iTunes by connecting the unlocked iPhone 4 to the computer. Free activation via iTunes will be possible once the iOS 5 is released. At present, only the GSM version of unlocked iPhone 4 is available which is available for sale at all Apple stores in black or white colour with a price tag of $649 (16GB) and $749 (32GB), respectively.


Apple iPhone 5- the Next Generation iPhone

Apple tries to win the hearts of its customers with the best of its technology and now it has completely new surprise to titillate their fun nerves. iPhone 5 is rumored to be launched this year which keeps us waiting for the big dawn. In UAE, the Chief Corporate Communication officer, Ali Al Ahmad stated that the iPhone 5 will roll out in the markets by the end of this year which is loaded with 4G LTE capabilities that makes it a technology next level. The iPhone will have similar looks as its previous counterpart, iPhone 4 by the hardware and inside technology will surely be upgraded.

iPhone 5 LTE

Talking about the product before the launch has become a business practice so to rely on the rumors will be a crap. Also 4G technology has not yet reached to all the parts of the globe so why having a phone with a feature of no use? As told by the executives, iPhone 5 is wrapped with upgraded Mac OS and better hardware but the new is still in smoke. Whatever one say, Apple iPhone 5 will bag the tag to be the first one to introduce 4G in the Smartphone league. In the near future, everyone will be enjoying this technology. Though the launch rumors has come as a bolt from the blue but who knows how much time it will take to bring such a technology to real for the public. We can just wait for the end of the year to witness this new iPhone.

True or not, we are fervently waiting for the iPhone 5 to dazzle the world and see what new it has for the mobile and music lovers. Will it make a mark, we will see by the end of this year!


Get Ready to Experience the 4G Connectivity on next iphone

You will be amazed to hear about the new iphone with brand new 4G experience but only for AT&T’s users.  Well, it is big news for AT&T’s iphone 5 users but not for Verizon users as they would not be able to experience the increased speed. This can be understood from the fact that the AT&T iphone 5 users can experience download speed ranging from 5-10 Mbps. However, for Verizon users, the speed remains 1 Mbps. Rethemeier gives the information about this next iphone. But no one knows exactly about its launching date. Some even call it a rumour and this rumour has made its place in the market a few weeks before.

iPhone 5

iphone 5 with 4G is a kind of new advent which we all are waiting for.  It offers a tremendous downloading speed and will work in other networks as well. However, some people claims that iphone 5 is just an advanced version of iphone 4 and just consider it is a slight revision of the previous successful set. Apple is now expected to launch any new iphone before September at WWDC. Instead of launching of new iphone hardware, WWDC 2011 will host software launch and three software namely iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion and Apple’s new iCloud service are on their way of launch in the market very soon.  This news has been confirmed by Apple and this launch will bring a big revolution in the software industry as well and it is really big news for iphone users. The launching of iphone 5 is indeed big news for which we have our fingers crossed and it will launch soon after this big launch. It will be great to use the new iphone and new software.

All about Apple’s New iPhone 5

The next generation iPhone is scheduled for a launch this June. With the fast flying rumours about the leak of iPhone 5 features, the market is buzzing aloud with questions regarding what exactly will be the new iPhone 5 features. Will there be a complete change in its design or it will be an enhanced version of the latest model by Apple – iPhone4? Read on in order to know all about iPhone5.

The concept of iPhone5 has been designed by item. The new iPhone 5 features a clear glass in the front as well as on rear side. Similar to the iPhone’s of previous generations, the edges are back in this phone and are rounded in shape. The iPhone 5 features also include a touch sensitive Home/Menu button. The new iPhone 5 is rumoured to have more of an iPod touch or resembling mini iPad2 but with a bigger display size of 3.7’’. The other iPhone features suggest that the phone could have a wedge or teardrop shape.

The iPhone5 is speculated to be built with a multi-core Cortex A9 chip inside, a Qualcomm chipset supporting CDMA, UMTS as well as GSM baseband support but lacking in providing a 4G LTE support. By supporting these technologies, this smartphone would be able to compete with both AT&T and Verizon.

The fifth generation smartphone could also feature a slide out keyboard. Apple is said to be using the same 30-pin connecter which has been used in the earlier devices. The device could be “slightly thicker’’ but could also have a “sliding cover” to contain a hardware keyboard. It could instead have a thinner bezel. Steve Jobs has also said that the new iPhone5 might have some incarnation of turn by turn GPS directions thus suggesting at turn maps in the new iPhone5.

Thus with a wide array of speculations regarding the features, all about iPhone 5 still remains dubious. But this phone will certainly transform the way mobile phones are used.