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Facebook Confirms the Working of GeoHot For the Company


Facebook has confirmed the working of George Hot, popular with his name GeoHot in their company. GeoHot became popular when he became the first person to unlock original iPhone and later for other iPhone hacks and PS3 jailbreak. Now GeoHot is all set to use his superb coding to boost Facebook’s mobile empire.

It is reported that he began working for Facebook on May 9th but Facebook has not yet disclosed his actual work. It is assumed that Hotz would be dealing with Facebook’s mobile effort since he is associated with this field. However it is also a rumor that the company may be on some secret project.

This news broke when the organizer of the iOS hacking related MyGreatFest conference, Craig Fox said this in a live video conference which was further confirmed by @p0sixninja. None assured the cause of Hotz working for Facebook but it was confirmed that something big is on work.