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Now you can Track your LinkedIn Connection’s Career Move

job change notifier in linkedin

LinkedIn has passed Myspace and has become the second largest social network in the US. Since it went public in May the traffic to LinkedIn soared high and reached the peak in June with 33.9 million unique visitors. To use this growth of the professional social networking to advantage Roger Lee (cofounder of PaperG) has built a new service called Job Change Notifier.

job change notifier in linkedin
As the name suggests the service lets you know when any of your LinkedIn contact changes job. One can keep a track on people of their interest and know when they resign or get fired or hired. You can know when one of your colleagues gets promoted or when one of your connections joins your competitor. Roger employed LinkedIn’s API to develop the service but the service is in no way affiliated to LinkedIn. After the launch of the new service many of the LinkedIn employees contacted Roger and showed their interest in the service.

The set up is very easy. To start with this new service you just need to enter your email address, choose your LinkedIn connections whom you wish to track, and in a jiffy you will be all set to track your targets career moves. It has been only a few days since the Job Change Notifier was launched but it is already tracking about 300,000 profiles and huge numbers of profiles are being added every day. Currently the notifications are available only via mails but Lee says that as the traffic increases more channels more notification might be added. Lees says he has already received offers from LinkedIn to work with them but he has no intentions to leave PaperG. The site has already gained popularity among all strata of professionals, like, startups, sales and biz dev executives, recruiters, and, unsurprisingly, LinkedIn employees.