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Your Android Phones Turned Webcam

After exploring the fable of your Android phone, it is amazing to know that your Android phone can even serve as a webcam! It is a simple process and requires an Android Mobile phone and IP webcam App. This Android App can be downloaded for free from the Android market. Now you can make a video call to your friend from anywhere you want. Some of the simple facts about the IP Webcam app are :-

Android Mobile as Webcam

  • Easy to download and install
  • IP webcam Icon in your home menu after the successful installation in your phone.
  • It works well with Wi-Fi.
  • It can be used to customize the video resolution and picture quality.
  • It works only at the Windows platform.

ip Webcam Android app
As you start the server, you get a unique IP address that is used to view the video in your PC or in your mobile browser. You can view your video directly in the browser (only the Java enabled browsers like chrome, Firefox etc.) or from Media players like VLC. For using your Android phone turned webcam for Skype you require a driver from the site of the developers. Your IP address will let you directly do the video chat on your PC simply and easily. But if you have the latest version of Skype installed over your PC then you need to have some alternative drivers like ManyCam as the driver will not function with it.

So next time if you forget to carry your webcam when you get out on a trip or in case you don’t have one your Android mobile Phone will surely aid you in making video calls or video chats with your friends in any part the world. So try it out as the App is for free and you already own an Android phone.


Trouble for Skype Users

Skype users are facing troubles since the website is not functioning properly. People are facing difficulties since the login page of the website is not functioning, or in other words, people are unable to sign in to the network. It is not the first time Skype is crashing. Two weeks ago, there was a problem of network down. Now the site is crashed causing inconvenience to users again. Users who are signing in have no alternative left other than logout, since Skype is unable to connect to the network. Even if a user refreshes the page, the following message get flashed “Skype can’t connect”.

Trouble for Skype Users

However skype has said that they are working on this problem and the problem that cause network outage will be fixed soon. Once Skype program stopped working which caused big trouble to the users and now the condition is much similar. This time the users are facing trouble while signing in. But the problem remains the same. Both these problems restricts user to access Skype. Skype is also saying that the problem has been recognised and you do not need to manually sign out of the website. Skype will reconnect to the network, when it would be able to do so. The downtime appeared more than an hour this time. The condition was worse and users from all over the world were facing this problem. However, the $8.5 billion acquisition deal by Microsoft cannot be accused for this pathetic act of the website.


Microsoft Plans To Buy Out Skype For $8.5 Billion

It has been just a few since the news of Facebook buying out or getting into a partnership deal with Skype was there in the internet world. Now the Wall Street Journal comes up with the claim that Microsoft has plans of buying Skype for $8.5 billion. In the last economic year Skype made total revenue of $860 million. It also incurred a small loss of $7 million. It is not for the first time that Skype is being purchased. After it was started in 2003 it was bought by eBay in 2005 for $3.1 billion. If Microsoft makes this deal then it would be the biggest deal ever by Microsoft. It will even surpass the $6 billion deal with an advertising firm in 2007. In the past Microsoft has kept away from huge deals and has only been involved in small and easy to manage deals. But this deal is a signal showing that Microsoft has resolved all such issues related to huge deals.

Microsoft to buy Skype

The experts are obviously not able to understand the reason of the deal. Microsoft’s Window Live Messenger has all the functions like Instant messaging, voice and video formats of chats. The active users of window Live Messenger in a month are about 330 million and that of Skype are 124 million. Skype has a few things which will prove valuable like its telephony infrastructure, which Microsoft can use in its applications like Lync, Exchange and Live messenger. Skype does have some extra features to offer but the big question is; are the features worth $7 million?


Facebook To Buy Out Skype For $4 Billion

Is the Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg planning to take over Skype? This is the latest topic for gossips in the world of internet. If the rumor turns out to be true then the deal will be signed for $4 billion. Although it is not confirmed news that such a deal is actually taking place but it is sure that some action is happening. Even if it is not a complete buyout bid then it may be about a joint venture of Facebook and Skype.

Facebook to buy SkypeFacebook and Skype have been related for quite some time now. Facebook was on the Skype’s scheme of things and they showed it when they launched their new version 5.0. This version had a tab specially dedicated to Facebook via which users can chat or call their Facebook friends using Skype. So the relations between Facebook and Skype cannot be ignored completely and we can expect something to happen in the future.

In the past Skype had been mulling over IPO but this deal would have brought only $1 billion to the Skype accounts. This means that if the scuttlebutt is true then it could mean a great deal to Skype.