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The iPhone5 will support dual SIM cards

iphone4 dual sim

Good news for those who always wanted to have an iPhone but had to compromise with the non-availability of dual SIM facility. Good news is that, the iPhone 5 will hold two SIM cards allowing you to use 2 phone lines. This sounds amazingly great!
iphone4 dual sim

“iDealsChina says that the feature will allow iPhone 5 owners to have two lines of service and could operate two numbers at the same time, which would be great either for travelers who need access to a home SIM on a home network and also a global SIM for roaming, or for users who use the iPhone 5 and would want to have their work and personal lines on the same device.”

The iPhone5 is rumored to include a Qualcomm Gobi cellular and data chipset. It is expected to be released in July or July this year with a slider physical keyboard and aluminium case.