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Twitters Drives Much More Traffic Than We Assume

ga stats for bsott

Most of the web publishers use analytic packages like Google Analytic, Omniture or Core Metrics, to measure what is the source of the traffic. These packages gave good and reliable results in the pre social media world. But today they have become terribly wrong. The allocation of marketing budgets depends hugely on who is referring your traffic. Twitter is driving much more referrals than you think. It is estimated that it is almost 4 times of what we think. Awe.sm is a product by Jonathan Strauss. Awe.sm works by allowing publishers to be able to track every individual share behavior to a very granular level. Such a tracking is not enabled with any other campaign tracking tool.

twitter drives more -traffic
Awe.sm shows traffic as “direct – bothsid.es / bothsid.es – twitter”. Any other tool will show this as direct only. So, one would assume that one is getting more direct traffic than one is really getting. The fact that Twitter is driving almost 4times more traffic than one thinks. And this fact is true in case for most publishers in terms of understating referrals. This becomes a problem because then publishers don’t invest in Twitter campaigns as much as they do in other campaigns. This is because they do not get the last minute attribution rights. This very often happens in other marketing campaign too. For instance, you see an advertisement in the newspaper or on the television, and then you rush to search about the same on Google. Marketers will assume that Google has driven the traffic. But the fact is that the traffic was driven by your television or newspaper.

ga stats for bsott
Twitter generates a number of social hooks to websites. But the Twitter data including links is pulled by many other websites. So, it is difficult to know that who is referring the traffic. One such example in social media world is LikedIn. Many Tweets these days are being sent to LinkedIn. Publishers assume that the referrals are being generated by LinkedIn. All this is similar to ‘snowball effect’. This is why Jonathan Strauss named the company “Snowball factort”. So it is very important that companies use sophisticated market tracking tools, so that they can know the real source from where referrals will be generated. The story is never as simple as the data reveals. This emphasizes on the need of sophisticated tools. The absence of such tools might cause underinvestment by publishers in some particular site.

Buffer app will make Twitter more Fun

buffer app price chart

Now you can share all that juicy content without flooding your followers. All this has been made easy with the introduction of buffer app. This handy little application is a must have if you have ever been known to a dozen tweets of blog shares back to back. The buffer app lets you simply copy-paste the tweet into its interface. And the rest should be left for the application. It handles all the timing nonsense so that you can head on for your parties without worrying about the tweets.

I usually read quite a lot of wonderful content and wanted to share it on twitter. But then the thought of flooding my followers with tweets always bothered me. Buffer app has come to my rescue and it is one of the best possible applications twitter has ever introduced.

Basically, what buffer app does is; it spreads out your tweets over the day ensuring your followers that they are not flooded with your tweets while browsing. The best thing about this application is that you can add on tweets to your buffer right from the page you are reading. This can be easily done using a Chrome extension. If this didn’t satisfy you, then we have something more in store. The Buffer also tells you the number of times you click a link, the number of times messages were re-tweeted and all such information is offered to you absolutely free of cost. You should keep a check and should ensure that your Buffer is topped up so that your followers keep getting your tweets one at a time and they stay in touch with you.

buffer app price chart
So now, the next time you sign up, the first thing you must do is set your times to tweet. These timings will remain as it is unless changed by you. And, at the respective times the tweets you add will go out everyday, one at a time.


Twitter Profile Page with a @-reply box soon

twitter profile with @reply

Now twittering will be more fun. Twitter one of the popular social networks of the world appears to roll out a new change to the profile pages of its users which seem quite a pretty move made by the company to help more smooth chat between the tweeters. What Twitter is planning is to add a new @-reply box to the profile pages, currently only on a few for testing. With this new interface generator launched globally, one can send a tweet with a click on any profile he or she visits.

This “Facebook-like message wall” is currently under test on some bases and is soon to live across the world after the testing is complete. There is a lot more what we think this new Twitter feature could be and soon it will make the company rule the world. In the social network business, whatever is appealing to the masses is one that stays for long and that is what Twitter has been struggling for ever since its beginning. Initially Twitter began as a retreat for the bloggers and tech bores but later its popularity saw a new high when the whole team of celebrities including famous movie stars, pop singers and everybody whom you dream of being with, took of this social network. Even President Obama!

An Overview Of Twitter Hashtags

Hashtags are used widely by twitter users to give their tweets on specific topics. It is used to link up similar type of tweets on a particular topic so that if a person wants recommendations or want to see tweets on a particular topic then it can be seen with the help of  hashtags as it unite the tweets of different persons on topic. Due to this advantage, hashtags are getting popular day by day. However many people do not like hash tags. It is a very simple thing to do. You just need to put a hash sign before your tweet and you need to specify the name of the topic on which you are going to tweet.


Where you can find the Hash Tag which different persons are using:

You can find your desired hashtags on many websites. The most popular of them is #hashtags.org.     There are other websites too where you can find hashtags. Twemes.com is another website which provides many hashtags. It is used to link up various tweets on a particular topic. Thus it is widely used by people and therefore many websites are offering hashtags which you can use.

Hashtags Results
How you can use hashtags:

Hashtags are used to increase your tweet visibility. It means if a person wants to see similar tweets of a topic, then hashtag can be used. Since it increases your tweet visibility, then your tweet must make a sense. Your tweet is visible to everyone who wants to see the tweets on a topic. Thus hashtags must be used carefully so that it make sense and provide useful information related to the topic. Using hashtags for useless and bad purpose can reduce your follower list and it does not look good on a social networking site to use it without a purpose.


Twellow: The Yellow Pages for all Twitter users


Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter have certainly become the spice of life. Don’t you think things are more fun with friends, parties, barbeques and Twitter? Being a newbie to the social networking world might seem boring in the beginning, but don’t you want to learn about ‘real’ people? But the question is, where do you find all of these people! Well, the answer to the question is ‘Twellow’, which is yellow pages for the Twitter users.
You can find Twitter users by location or for certain categories. I wanted to find and track users who live in California as I was searching for a friend and Twellow presented me with a list of all Twitter users. It sorts the user by most popular on front page to least popular on last page.

I personally feel Twellow is an excellent Twitter directory and is the Yellow pages of twitter. When signing up, Twellow will allow you to list up to 10 categories that their account can fall under but one caution: Once you get started, it may be hard to stop!

Update Twitter and Facebook status using your voice

vlingo app

Vlingo is a wonderful application that lets you perform amazing tasks right from your mobile using your voice. As networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have become a part of our daily routine, a lot of people are addicted to this habit of updating status while for some, this is a part of their profession. Basically, Vlingo is a free software that can convert your voice into text and within no time you can update your status on Facebook and Twitter. Isn’t that so cool?

vlingo app
At the first place, you need to download Vlingo which is free. You can download it at vLingo. The amazing part is, the software is available for most types of smart phones like Nokia, Blackerry, iPhone and Windows mobile phones. Simpy put, if you want to update your Facebook status or post a tweet, all you have to do is just hold down the key say “Facebook status is…”or “Twitter status is…”and it will prompt you to fill in the blank.

The key features of this software are:

  • Use “Google maps”
  • Create a note to “self”
  • Call a friend
  • Send a text or e-mail message instantly
  • Open third part apps and search the web

Also, Vlingo uses this amazing software called Hierarchical language model based speech recognition. What’sunique and special about it is it interprets your speech and converts it to text before updating your Facebook and Twitter accounts.