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VoIP – The Future is ‘Calling’


The internet boom has established many new products and the technology now grows at an unreliable and very fast paced speed. Internet is used for various purposes today if not all, a telephone call is one of them. Ideally a person calls someone through a land-lined phone or a mobile, but since almost everything is now available on the internet, a telephone call has made its ground too. Voice over Internet Protocol i.e. VoIP which is a category of both hardware and software, enables people to make calls over the Internet.

VoIP uses the web as the transmission medium and sends voice data in packets (message or information) using Internet Protocol (IP – Determines format and addressing of the packets). The traditional method of analog signals being passed via copper wires is no longer existent in this method. Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) system has met its competitor VoIP. VoIP converts the analog signals generated by our voice into a digital signal and then transfers this data over the optical fiber to the receiver where it is converted back to analog signal.