The Android Entertainment

The latest state-of-the-art mobile phones feature a new and highly advanced operating system called “Android”. It allows open source development and easy creation of applications. Unlike the conventional mobile phones which had stringent development process for applications and higher application cost, this operating system provides them at a very low cost or even free. The strict guidelines to be followed while accessing mobile phones are removed enabling easy manipulation by everyone. The Andriod system is run by powerful tools that provide the user with unlimited applications.

Its applications include the usual operating system applications like Skype, adobe, Google, camera, etc. apart from high grade personality tests, RD3 Groovebox which enables creating user’s own music, music sketchpad, RSS reader, security softwares and many more. A few applications are accommodated exclusively for the interest of children. The Cartoon Network Video is one such application that empowers users to create their own schedule for cartoons from a library. The full episodes and clips can be seen instantly on Cartoon Network. For the budding engineers, Nano Panda Android application will seem to be a promising one where basic concepts of physics are tested via the game. The mind boggling physics theories will surely go well with the physics geeks. The usually forgetful ones may find another application to their interest which is the Clap Phone Finder. It stimulates the phone to react by ringing on the sound of a clap so that the owner can search for it whenever caught up in such a situation.

The Android system can be customized by the user for this purpose. To incorporate 3D effects in the display, SPB Shell 3D application is used. Little Photo Android application permits editing of photos. With this photo editing application users can retouch their photographs and add multiple effects to it. Several other applications are available for different genres of people with different tastes. The Android mobile has revolutionized the mobile world with its varied applications and ease of service promoting mobile technology to a new high.