Twitter Profile Page with a @-reply box soon

twitter profile with @reply

Now twittering will be more fun. Twitter one of the popular social networks of the world appears to roll out a new change to the profile pages of its users which seem quite a pretty move made by the company to help more smooth chat between the tweeters. What Twitter is planning is to add a new @-reply box to the profile pages, currently only on a few for testing. With this new interface generator launched globally, one can send a tweet with a click on any profile he or she visits.

This “Facebook-like message wall” is currently under test on some bases and is soon to live across the world after the testing is complete. There is a lot more what we think this new Twitter feature could be and soon it will make the company rule the world. In the social network business, whatever is appealing to the masses is one that stays for long and that is what Twitter has been struggling for ever since its beginning. Initially Twitter began as a retreat for the bloggers and tech bores but later its popularity saw a new high when the whole team of celebrities including famous movie stars, pop singers and everybody whom you dream of being with, took of this social network. Even President Obama!
twitter profile with @reply
Twitter is more an interface for causes and meaningful stuff rather than just a playground for the nerds. It has its belts on to be the main social network, though it is still a dream to fulfill ad Facebook can never be lagged behind.

Twitter is making efforts, like this one, to fill in the void between web interface and Twitter apps. It has got plenty of marvelous features and plenty yet to be added in.