Ways To Improve Battery Life Of iPhone

Battery life of iphone lasts longer if it is used cautiously and with proper attention. There are few small things which should be kept in mind, which helps in increasing the battery life of iphone. The basic property of battery of iphone is that, it depends on the hours of use. If the phone is used frequently for checking mails or for playing games or any such activity, then it is obvious that the battery life will be less.

Battery Life Of iPhone

  • The iphone should not be used roughly and for longer hours to retain the battery life for longer time. Those applications which are used frequently should be set on some shortcut keys.  This will enable to access those applications easily.
  • It usually happens that users forget to switch off the Bluetooth which leads to the short life of the battery of iphone. Therefore users must make a habit of switching off the Bluetooth after use.
  • The Wi-Fi function of the new iphone should be switched off after every use. Wi-Fi is used frequently by users for various purposes, but a user must switch off the Wi-Fi after use.
  • The mail auto checking function of the new iphone should be changed for longer duration. Usually it is set on every 15 minutes. But setting it to every one hour will increase the battery life of iphone.
  • The iphone should be locked after every use. It secures battery life of iphone. It also ensures that the phone is safe and no one else can access the phone if it is locked with a security code. The best method to lock the phone after every use is to enable the auto lock function.
  • Turing off the music equalizer will also increase the battery life of the iphone.
  • Audio keyboard use can be avoided if a user uses the touch keyboard regularly. This will save the battery life.
  • The iphone should be used at moderate or at room temperature. For example if the iphone is left in a car which is very hot due to summers, then it will affect the battery life of iphone.