What is special about Eyez HD video recording glasses?

For a while, can you imagine a pair of normal looking glasses revolutionizing the way people share their precious moments on social networking sites? This is something a company has claimed with their newest innovation in the field of social media technology, Ëyez HD video recording glasses“! Let’s find out what’s unique and special about this pair of eyeglasses!

Eyez video recording eyeglasses allow users to easily broadcast live, hands-free video footage to their preferred social networking site, be it Facebook, Youtube or Liestream. It promises three hours of recording on a charge which is amazingly great! ”Sharing personal experiences online will no longer be a written status update and a few photos, but a full length HD video journal,” said ZionEyez LLC co-founder Brent Burroff. “Eyez gives people the ability to share the world as they see it in real time, from a truly first person perspective, without compromising convenience or style.”

The key features and specs of Eyez HD video recording eyeglasses:

  • Embedded with a 1080p HD video camera within the frame
  • The internal memory can support data of up to 16GB
  • Promises up to 3 hours of recording as it supports a 350 mAh lithium ion battery
  • Recorded data can be transferred to most iPhone or Android devices via Bluetooth v3.0, Micro USB, and using Wi-Fi connectivity

There is however no word on its release date and pricing yet.