High-tech electronics and web service to track your stolen or lost gadget

Wonder how bad it would be if you go on a holiday and your camera gets stolen? Or you are preparing for a big party in your house and you’ve lost your camera or electronics items. What would you do in such cases? The answer to this is Stolen Camera Finder. If you plan to get a premium communications electronics in reasonable price, such as Uniden digital scanners, police scanners, and CB radios, your should pay a visit to http://www.bearcatwarehouse.com , their selections of Police scanners and powerful Uniden Digital scanner supplies are incredible values. you can also take advantage of low prices, same day delivery, and secure payment options. Start exploring the site now and find out how much you can save money on premium electronics items!


This innovative service will find your missing camera if you use this service by searching for photos clicked by it. Now coming to the big question, how does this thing work? It is simple enough. Many digital cameras or electronics gadget have a unique serial number apart from date time etc which is imprinted onto the photo in the form of hidden EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) metadata whenever a photo is taken from them. What Stolen Camera Web Application does is it just searches the internet for the photos uploaded which have the same serial number as your camera. Thus, the old owner can find the new owner of the camera and from this information, he can find his camera.

One drawback is that not all cameras have this unique serial number imprinting ability so you can’t find it if your camera doesn’t have this piece of technology in it. And this application / software are highly dependent on the bandwidth of your internet connection. Hence an internet connection with high bandwidth is required, if possible than equal to 256kbps, otherwise the disturbances will really frustrate  and disappoint the users.





How a Used Server Can Save Your Bank Account and Your Computer at the Same Time

Something that is vitally important to ever business is a great, dependable server. Small businesses recognize that there is a large need for this and often wonder how much money is the right amount to spend. It seems to be more difficult to make this decision when money is limited, but the following are some ways that you can save money while getting the reliable equipment your business needs:

Why a Server Is Necessary

Most servers that people are familiar with are the tower servers you may have seen around. They look similar to the towers you may see with home computers but they have a couple of differences. First of all, they have increased power and capabilities in order to perform its functions for a larger system. Its functions in a business are to be sure that the network connectivity and the sharing demands are met so that there are no problems. This is important because many businesses use their servers for file sharing which then in turn eases sharing between computers, frees up space on the hard drive, and provides extra security by backing up your files.

Cheap Servers Don’t Have to Be Bad Servers

Now that you understand the function of the server, it is easy to see why companies feel like they need to spend a lot of money to buy the biggest and best servers on the market. This does not have to be the case though because often time those models are not necessary for every consumer. Buying refurbished or used servers does not necessarily mean the machine has been broken or damaged. These machines are often upgraded when a new model is released. This really benefits those who don’t mind not having the most recent models. When reset correctly, these servers can meet the needs of almost any business. Its not only servers you can find cheap or refurbished. Check this out to learn about used and refurbished desktops.

Know Before You Buy

Research what type of server is necessary for the functions you wish it to perform. Obviously you will be getting equipment that is older, but that does not mean you need to buy something that is ancient like the differences between buying a Pentium 4 based system over a Pentium 3. Learn the differences between the different systems and know exactly what you want. Do not settle for something less.
Patience is a virtue and it may also be what really saves you money. You may have to wait and shop around a bit before you find the exact right machine, but when you do, you will save a lot of money. Check plenty of stores in person as well as online shops. No matter where you shop for used or refurbished servers you will need to be careful and buy from a reputable company. If you are not sure or totally comfortable with the purchase, check the return policy. If you are still uncomfortable with it, go with your gut and look somewhere else. Just remember that your server is out there, you just need to keep looking. For even more great information on used or refurbished servers click here.
Chad Calimpong works with Dell and has been recognized locally and nationally for his photography and video documentaries. He enjoys cooking, baking, and has a passion for technology and computers. He currently resides in Austin, Texas with his wife and two cats.

How Virtualization Works: 101

Virtualization is one of the most useful tools a business can adopt to increase the productivity of its workers while reducing the costs of hardware and software. There are a number of advantages of virtualization beyond decreased hardware and software expenses, including improved data integrity, shorter amounts of downtime when failures occur on the server or client ends, and the ability to securely access servers and desktop environments from remote settings. However, a number of businesses have not adopted virtualization due to an uncertainty about how it actually works in business settings. This article will present an introduction to how virtualization works.

The central feature behind virtualization, which is also known as desktop or client virtualization, is the delinking of a personal computer’s desktop environment, such as the desktop environment of a laptop, from the physical machine that powers the environment. This is done through a computing model known as the client-server model.

Virtualization in Business

The server computing model that makes virtualization possible in business settings is referred to as the virtual desktop infrastructure. This refers to the hardware as well as the software that is necessary for the virtualized environment to function in an optimal manner.

There are a number of businesses and enterprises that implement virtualization technology by storing the desktop environment, which is also known as a virtualized desktop, on a central server that is not located within the business. This contrasts when a remote client is stored on a local server at the business location.

As a result, when employees at the business work on their individual local machines, everything they do, including the data they use, the processes and applications they run, and the programs they work with remain on the server where they are run remotely. As a result, workers in such virtualized environments can have access to applications and operating systems that they would not normally be able to run due to the limitations of their thin clients, netbooks, or smart phones. For more information on virtualization services click here.

Hypervisor technology

There are also virtualization platforms that let workers run a number of different virtual machines on their own local systems, such as desktops or laptops. This is achieved through a process called hypervisor technology. In such situations, a central server is used to both create and deploy images of virtual machines, and any changes that are made to the desktop virtual machines are then sent to the worker’s desktops, laptops, and thin clients within the network.

This offers multiple advantages by combining central management of virtual images while allowing local hypervisor technology to be used on an individual computer basis. However, for this kind of virtualization platform to be used, the machines provided to the workers must be more powerful than basic smart phones and thin clients.

It is typically necessary to have laptops or desktops provided to the end users, as these are the minimum requirements for processing and handling the local virtual machine images. This technique, therefore, does not have all of the portability advantages of the model that purely involves a client and a server.”

Author Bio:

Brian Jensen works with Dell and has a passion for learning and writing about all things technology. For more information on some of Dell’s solutions, Brian recommends this page. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time with his family.

5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity with an All-in-One Computer

Increase Your Productivity with an All-in-One Computer

Getting Started on Organization

Purchasing an all-in-one computer can really help you increase productivity on many levels. Better organization is one way that this type of computer will help you increase productivity around the office. Since the all-in-one computer eliminates a lot of the space used from a desktop computer, you are able to optimize the arrangements in your office. You can have more room for other essential office tools and equipment. Once you invest in the all-in-one computer, you will get that motivation to keep your office organized and clean.

Less Clutter Means Less Stress

Apple unveiled Replacement Programme for First-gen iPod Nano

replacement unit for ipad nano

Those of you who are pissed off due to the over-heating battery issues associated with the First-gen iPod nano music player, there is good news for them as Apple has unveiled a replacement programme. The owners are requested to check out the serial number at the back of the product to see if they can avail the replacement programme or not. The affected nanos were sold between September 2005 and December 2006 which increases the likelihood of an incident. The company is assuring that the issue has been traced successfully and owners can use their product tension free now.

replacement unit for ipad nano
After the company receives the affected product, the owners will have the replacement unit delivered in about six weeks. Right from the time the product was released, the overheating battery issues were in news and in the year 2008, Japan’s economy, trade and industry ministry launched an investigation into Apple. Last August in Tokyo, a commuter train was delayed when passengers complained of a strong smell of burning from an overheating iPod nano due to which the train was delayed during rush hour.

iPhone 4S vs. Galaxy Nexus vs. Droid RAZR


Google’s Galaxy Nexus, or Apple’s iPhone 4S or Droid RAZR – today’s smartphone users have quite a difficult task to find out which is the best for him in terms of their features and pricing. Although Google’s Galaxy Nexus is the latest addition in the smartphone section which is predominantly being dominated by iPhone and Droid, the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich mobile Operating System certainly provides a better option to the smartphone users.

The new and enhanced feature in Galaxy Nexus makes it certainly one of the best when compared to iPhone and Droid RAZR. The 4.65 inch curved display of Galaxy Nexus is much larger when compared to 3.5 inch display of iPhone 4S or 4.3 inch display of Droid RAZR. The display resolution of Galaxy Nexus is 1280X720 pixels which is much better than the other two.

When we compare the physical outlook of the phones, Galaxy Nexus is thin, however, when we compare all the three, we would find that Droid RAZR is much thinner in the category. Droid is also the lightest smartphone with a weight of 127 grams compared to those of Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S.

All the smartphones are made up of dual core processor; however, Galaxy Nexus and Droid RAZR have 1.2 GHZ of dual core with 1 GB of RAM compared to 1 GHZ and 512 MB of RAM in iPhone. Galaxy Nexus can record high speed video and has 5MP camera which is lesser than those available in the other two smartphones. Apple iPhone 4S has a storage space of 64 GB which is much higher than the other two versions. Droid RAZR offers 16GB Micro SD card slot as expandable storage unit, however, it is much lesser compared to the higher end version of iPhone 4S. The most unique feature which makes Galaxy Nexus different from others is the Near field communication support device which helps the users to make wireless payments to many retailers and also see the contacts, apps or Maps through NFC enabled devices.