A George Mason University Student makes $50,000 per year by Jailbreaking iPhones

For most of us, we do jailbreaking so as to get customized apps or to give our iDevices a complete makeover. Though, the whole process of jailbreaking has become extremely simple, but even today a lot of people get paranoid when it comes to doing it practically.

Despite the fact that there are a number of software available like Pwnage tool and RedSnOw which do most of the iPhone hacking for you, but for the not-so-tech-savvy the jailbreak scene can be a little daunting. A George Mason University Student has turned jailbreaking into his full time job and he makes $50,000 a year by jailbreaking iPhones.

The entrepreneur started off with just five to ten customers a week, and now he knocks out between 30 and 40 jailbreaks a week.