All about Apple’s New iPhone 5

The next generation iPhone is scheduled for a launch this June. With the fast flying rumours about the leak of iPhone 5 features, the market is buzzing aloud with questions regarding what exactly will be the new iPhone 5 features. Will there be a complete change in its design or it will be an enhanced version of the latest model by Apple – iPhone4? Read on in order to know all about iPhone5.

The concept of iPhone5 has been designed by item. The new iPhone 5 features a clear glass in the front as well as on rear side. Similar to the iPhone’s of previous generations, the edges are back in this phone and are rounded in shape. The iPhone 5 features also include a touch sensitive Home/Menu button. The new iPhone 5 is rumoured to have more of an iPod touch or resembling mini iPad2 but with a bigger display size of 3.7’’. The other iPhone features suggest that the phone could have a wedge or teardrop shape.

The iPhone5 is speculated to be built with a multi-core Cortex A9 chip inside, a Qualcomm chipset supporting CDMA, UMTS as well as GSM baseband support but lacking in providing a 4G LTE support. By supporting these technologies, this smartphone would be able to compete with both AT&T and Verizon.

The fifth generation smartphone could also feature a slide out keyboard. Apple is said to be using the same 30-pin connecter which has been used in the earlier devices. The device could be “slightly thicker’’ but could also have a “sliding cover” to contain a hardware keyboard. It could instead have a thinner bezel. Steve Jobs has also said that the new iPhone5 might have some incarnation of turn by turn GPS directions thus suggesting at turn maps in the new iPhone5.

Thus with a wide array of speculations regarding the features, all about iPhone 5 still remains dubious. But this phone will certainly transform the way mobile phones are used.