Apple Files Lawsuit against Teen Boy For Selling iPhone4 kits Illegaly

A few months back, in November a teenage boy, Lam was found selling iphone conversion kits even before iPhones were available to the general public. This boy, who is seventeen years old, was selling conversion kits for iPhone4 through the site, which is not functional anymore. He made the complete conversion kit available for $279 and the back panel for $135 and the front one for $169. A business man of China, Alan Yang gave these parts to Lam. Alan Yang obtained these parts from Foxconn.White iPhone 4

After seven months, Apple filed a lawsuit against the boy and his parents. This gap of seventh months was definitely inexplicable. They also made an offer along with the lawsuit that they would drop the lawsuit if he dint do anything further. The lawsuit was addressed to Lam and his parents and it stated that they knowingly and deliberately imported and sold stolen goods and thus they were violating Apple’s intellectual property. It also made a request to Lam to not sell the stolen parts of iphone4 again. Apple has also demanded Lam’s parents to reimburse the money that Apple has spent in filling the case. They have even asked for additional financial penalties.

However, Apple has been very generous and filed a dismissal for the law suit simultaneously. They have even made Lam free of any charges. This shows that Lam’s parents and the company must have reached some sort of a settlement. But still the right to bring the lawsuit back has been reserved by Apple and they can use this if all the terms and conditions are not fulfilled.

With the lawsuit already dismissed it is very likely dead now. But Apple has definitely succeeded in it motive of teaching Lam a good lesson and also serving a warning to those who might be planning to do something similar.