Apple is all set to announce its iPhone 5 which uses LED indicators


An unknown source Mr.T says that next iPhone is going to be a LED indicator next to camera which would apparently flash whenever any App causes notification alert built into iOS or whenever simply notifications pop up like most commonly receiving a text message.

Recently announced iOS has taken notifications to the next level which also suggests the coming of next iPhone equipped with such enhancements so as to bring iPhone at par with other devices. Like Blackberry’s phones, this feature if used in iPhones would certainly make it easier for users to make out if their phone demands their attention.

With the purchase of dual-LED camera flashes, many rumors aroused about the use of two LEDs around the camera in next generation iPhone. A report from iPhoneDownloadblog gave an idea that the second flash would be used to display notifications while other one would be for improving accuracy of pictures.

According to Apple, it is expected to announce of Apple’s next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5, together with new iPods and ultimate version of iOS 5 in Apple’s yearly music event. Although company has not revealed about the benefits of upcoming iPhone but we can assume it to come with some major design alterations. However Apple’s is targeting on increasing camera’s size to 8 megapixels and addition of a dual A5 processor to improve its performance.

It would be better to take anonymous tipsters as fake and taking sources from part suppliers seriously as parts which Apple orders can indicate what is to come next. Hope future iPhone comes soon and people are surely going to have Led indicators in their phones.